Are Aaron Rodgers and the Packers too good to hit the panic button?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Do you know what stands out when you watch the Packers? You see a team that hasn’t been the same since David Bakhtiari went down. Let’s not forget the Packers didn’t have Bakhtiari when they lost to the Bucs in the NFC Championship. And if Bakhtiari was healthy the Packers might’ve won that game. And the absence of Bakhtiari is still hurting the Packers till this day. If you go back and watch the Saints game. There was a lot of pressure coming from the left side. Right where Bakhtiari is usually lined up. There’s no doubt Aaron Rodgers feels it. Because he has way less time in the pocket. So for Rodgers and the Packers their goal has to be holding this thing together. Until Bakhtiari gets back. We all know what they’re capable of when this team is at full strength. That’s when you’ll see the Packers be the team that’s been on the cusp of going to two straight Super Bowls. The reinforcements are on the way. And when Bakhtiari does get here. There will be a big change for Green Bay. By the time that happens the Saints game will be long forgotten.

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