RG3 signed with the Cleveland Browns today:

Photo credit: Sandra Dahdah / Getty Images Entertainment

Author: Jon Kuzma

It’s official Robert Griffin signed with the Cleveland Browns today and Hue Jackson gets a quarterback under his reign. Griffin was all smiles after inking his 2 year contract worth $15 million dollars which included $6.75 million dollars in guaranteed money. The contract is perfect for the Browns because if Griffin does end up starting and has a strong performance. The Browns will then retain Griffin for an extra season at a cheaper price than if they signed him on a one year deal and had to re-sign him after that strong first year performance. On top of that Griffin won’t be able to skip town and go else where after a single season like he could if he did indeed sign a one year deal. Griffin even went as far to state that he would take “a rookie quarterback under his wing” showing that Griffin’s upbeat attitude was a big reason that he received another contract from a professional football team. The Browns might be a team that is near the bottom of the barrel but holding out and risking missing out on a contract was something Griffin was not willing to do. It’s a smart move because essentially Griffin keeps his pro football career alive rather than rolling the dice and hoping another team signs him later on. Almost similar to Hue Jackson and how he took the Cleveland job rather than waiting around for another team to sign him. Now Jackson and Griffin will do all they can to restore the Browns franchise together. It’s no surprise that Jackson inked Griffin because he had very high praise for the former Baylor quarterback after the two met with one and other. Griffin will get some fine tuning from being under Jackson’s command, who is an offensive master mind. The Browns should be a better team next season and Robert Griffin the 3rd very well could be the Browns starter week 1 when the season rolls around. It’s a good pick up for both sides and the Browns get a step closer to eliminating their quarterback woes.

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Landing Rueben Randle was a solid move for the Philadelphia Eagles

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Author: Jon Kuzma

It’s a very common occurrence to see players sign with a team that is in the same division of their former team. Rueben Randle is a another example of this taking place in the NFL, Randle signed with the Philadelphia Eagles after starting his career with the New York Giants. Randle who is often criticized for under producing is a good signing for the Eagles because he had a good season last year. A lot of people want to talk down on Randle’s game but you have to keep in mind he caught 8 touchdowns and 797 receiving yards in 2015. That was the most touchdowns in a season Randle ever recorded and you can see that he is slowly developing into the player the Giants were hoping he would be. Too bad the Eagles lured him away and now will pair him along with Sam Bradford in hopes of putting a better offensive product on the field. At 6’2 208 pounds Randle gives the Eagles a chance to put up some production through the air. It’s clear new head coach Doug Pederson has a vision of what he would like to see on the field and he is sticking to the script when executing that plan of action. The Eagles seem like they are going to be a much more conventional offense rather than Chip Kelly’s unique uptempo offense that the Eagles used last season. That should bold well for Philly since it was becoming overwhelming clear that the players for the Eagles were becoming burned out with Chip Kelly’s philosophies and the coach himself. Putting a player like Randle who averaged 5 touchdowns a year over his 4 seasons of NFL action in that offense. Should really help the Eagles put a little more talent outside on the edges of that offense and it gives the team a big possession receiver oppose to those undersized quick receivers that Philly always likes to use. Don’t listen to the naysayers making false claims about Randle, this was a good pick up for the Philadelphia Eagles and they became a better football team today.

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Goodell’s bias against the Patriots makes him nearly unfit to lead:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Good leaders are taught to be impartial in every decision they make. They are taught to put aside their own personal bias and make the best decision for the group or organization’s sake. So when you heard that the Patriots won their case against the NFL when it came to deflating footballs and cheating the integrity of the game. You figured the NFL would back off in their stance against Brady and the Patriots. That clearly wasn’t the case with Roger Goodell though when he decided to reject Robert Kraft’s letter to obtain their docked first round pick back from the Deflategate Scandal. Goodell continues to radiate dislike for the New England Patriots organization and continues to cast the team that helped build the modern day NFL in a bad light. Which is completely unfair to the New England Patriots, especially since they won a decision in court over Goodell and the NFL which should of put that unfair biased to rest. With the New England Patriots being the poster boy of successful franchises in the league and Goodell being an overbearing authority figure. It’s clear the two sides have been on path to collide for sometime. Goodell just has too big of an ego not to be in control of everything and the Patriots were just a little too big for Goodell’s constraints. Not in the sense that the Patriots cheated on the field, but in the sense that the Patriots popularity wise were much greater than Goodell, and that never seemed to sit well with the commissioner. On top of that the Patriots were the measuring stick for excellence in the league and that naturally gave the team a confidence that the commissioner didn’t like as well. It’s safe to say Roger Goodell might be slightly jealous of the New England Patriots. It’s crazy to think you would be writing about jealousy at such a high level of professional sports but that is exactly the reason why commissioner Goodell doesn’t like Robert Kraft and the Patriots. Goodell should of gave the team their draft pick back because the team won their court case, it was the right thing to do. Instead the commissioner didn’t even think about giving that pick back and acted like he did. We all knew an adamant no was coming, that is why this was such a good opportunity for Goodell to step up and right his wrongs. In the end it was just another letdown for the commissioner and it’s time the league starts looking at moving on.

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RG3 to the Browns is looking more and more realistic:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Robert Griffin the 3rd apparently met with the Cleveland Browns organization and seem to be impressed with the quarterbacks state of mind at this point in time. Browns new head coach Hue Jackson stated that Griffin owned up for his shortcomings in Washington and really had a great interview with the team. The positive feedback could be a sign of Griffin’s maturity and a step in the right direction for the 4th year quarterback. After fizzling out in Washington and eventually losing his job to Kirk Cousins, Griffin remained optimistic about his future and that could be a huge factor in him landing his next gig. That opportunity looks like it very well might be with the Cleveland Browns and Hue Jackson is an outstanding offensive play caller who could certaintly help Griffin get his career back on track. In fact even though Griffin lost his job, he still has managed to throw for 40 touchdowns and 23 touchdowns over those 3 seasons that he has played. Showing that in the right circumstances he could certainly become an effective football player again. The key for Griffin will be working on his foot work, making sure he sticks to his footwork when the pressure is in his face, and taking the next step when it comes to reading the defense. In the NFL playing quarterback is as much as a mental battle as it is a physical battle. If Robert Griffin can understand the responsibility that comes with being a quarterback mentally he could easily improve his situation. While the Browns are the laughing stock of the league, they are trending in the right direction under Jackson and maybe Griffin can help turn around that team. It won’t be easy by any means but that isn’t to say it can’t happen. It will be interesting to see if the Browns do indeed sign Griffin and if they do, whether or not the draft a quarterback in the draft next month? If they do than that says Griffin is an insurance policy to either Wentz or Goff. If they don’t then maybe Jackson believes Griffin can lead his football team moving forward.
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Dallas Cowboys solve their running back issues by signing Alfred Morris:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Dallas Cowboys had a need at the running back position but the team did all they can to eliminate that problem today by signing Alfred Morris. Morris comes to the the Dallas Cowboys from the Washington Redskins. So the Cowboys effectively hire a guy away from their NFC East rival the Redskins, and at the same time get a player who has rushed for 4,713 rushing yards and 29 touchdowns over the course of his career. The risk for the Cowboys is the fact that last year Morris has his worst year as a professional only rushing for 751 yards and 1 touchdown in 2015. When you put Alfred Morris next to Darren McFadden in the Cowboys backfield though, you suddenly have a position that is now a strength on this team. When entering the offseason it was clearly a weakness. So it was a great move for the Dallas Cowboys to sure up their running game and it’s a great opportunity for Alfred Morris because he will get a fresh start in the league. Sometimes a fresh start can be rejuvenating for an athlete and running behind that strong Dallas offensive line has to excite Alfred Morris. When you combine how good the Cowboys truly are upfront with a great athlete like Alfred Morris good things are certainly going to happen. One thing is for sure when it comes to the game of football Alfred Morris can play the game. He has had big time success in this league and that bolds well for Dallas, especially since they should be leaning on the running game while Tony Romo gets back in form. Jerry Jones has to be thrilled about this acquisition and suddenly the Cowboys are making moves in the right direction again. After a lackluster 2015 season they will get all their players healthy again in 2016 and will get a chance at trying it all over again.

Morris will earn $3.5 million on the 2 year contract. He can make up to $5.5 million if he excels on the field.

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Atlanta Falcons gained some offensive firepower by landing Mack and Sanu:

Photo credit: Scott Cunningham / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Atlanta Falcons started 2015 red hot under first year head coach Dan Quinn. That was until they started to cool off in the second half of the season and eventually ended up missing the playoffs. With Atlanta being so close to getting there last season, the front office knew they had to make a splash to get over the hump and get back to the postseason in 2016. They did so by landing Alex Mack of the Cleveland Browns and Mohamed Sanu from the Cincinnati Bengals. Both players have been sound football players up to this point of their professional careers and both players come to Atlanta looking to make an immediate impact for the Falcons. Alex Mack is one of the best centers in the National Football League and he will do a great job of protecting Matt Ryan from opposing pass rushers. Not to mention Mack will give the Falcons a boost in the running game as well and should open some nice holes for Devonta Freeman. Mack has been in the league for 7 sevens seasons and has managed to make the Pro Bowl 3 different times in his career. Landing Mack was an excellent move for the Atlanta and they will pay the snapper $45 million dollars over a 5 year duration. Not to mention $28.5 million of that contract is guaranteed money, which makes Mack the highest paid center in the league. Mohamed Sanu is another player the Falcons hope will raise their offensive production. Sanu had some good moments in Cincinnati but has to get back on track after a lackluster 2015 season in which he didn’t record a single receiving touchdown. Still at points in time with the Bengals Sanu was a very effective football player and he has managed to record 11 touchdowns over his 4 year career. The Falcons are hoping he can come in opposite of Julio Jones and provide slightly more than Roddy White could at this point of his career. With Mack improving the line and Matt Ryan tossing Sanu passes, things could certainly pan out in Atlanta’s favor in 2016. Give Falcons General Manager Thomas Dimitroff credit for making the right moves this offseason and putting his team in a position to succeed. Expect the dirty birds to have some success next season. Although it will be tough to get pass the Panthers in the NFC South.

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Jaguars hire Monte Kiffin as a defensive assistant:

Photo credit: Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Jacksonville Jaguars continued their outstanding offseason by landing brilliant defensive mind Monte Kiffin. Kiffin who is 76 years old has been one of the most prolific defensive coordinators around the league for a long time. Kiffin has made a number of coaching stops during his time including teams like Dallas, Tampa Bay, Green bay, New Orleans, and the New York Jets. Kiffin is often referred to as the creator of the Tampa 2 defense and it was with that scheme that he was able to wear opposing offenses down time and time again. The guy has been on the football sidelines since 1966 and now he comes to the Jacksonville Jaguars with a wealth of knowledge to give the team. With all the talent that the Jaguars acquired this offseason, bringing Monte Kiffin aboard just seemed like a no brainer. He will help coach Gus Bradley’s staff iron out all the wrinkles and give the Jaguars a chance to have success that they haven’t seen in a long time. Keep in mind Blake Bortles going against a Monte Kiffin influenced defense everyday in practice will also help him elevate his game, so you can see how the coaching addition has a ripple effect throughout the team. This is just another case of the Jaguars making the right move this offseason. With the team being the laughing stock of the league for some time now, the Jags finally have all the pieces to be a serious contender. Now the team is banking on additions like Monte Kiffin to come in and help put the puzzle together. Don’t be surprised to see Jacksonville make a serious push at the AFC South division title. Last year the Texans won that division and with the Jaguars gaining serious ground on them this offseason things could easily change in 2016. Especially with Monte Kiffin calling some plays for the Jaguars defense.

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Travis Benjamin will give the Chargers a dynamic playmaker:

Photo credit: Gregory Shamus / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

Travis Benjamin had a very solid year of football in 2015. The former Cleveland Browns receiver finished last season with 966 receiving yards and 5 touchdowns. Showing that he can effectively contribute in the National Football League and also showing he could do so on the awful Cleveland Browns. That effort was enough for the San Diego Chargers to recognize that acquiring Benjamin would do wonders for their football team. That is exactly what the Chargers did this offseason when they handed Benjamin a 4 year $24 million dollar contract. Benjamin goes from a situation where he had Josh McCown and Johnny Manziel throwing to him. To San Diego where he has the prolific Philip Rivers tossing him passes. The difference between the two situations is like night and day and expect Benjamin’s number to significantly improve now that he is playing with Rivers. Having a much better quarterback just means so much for a talented wide receiver and that is why you seen players like Travis Benjamin and Mike Wallace choose to pursue those talented signal callers in free agency. The results of a receiver playing with a high profile quarterback can be so drastic that the receiver’s value himself can skyrocket or diminish with how many passes he hauls in. Expect Benjamin to top the 1,000 yard receiving mark for the first time in his career in San Diego and that would mean Benjamin’s value would continue to rise giving him new opportunities to make revenue through endorsements and other opportunities. At the end of the day the Chargers get a player who can contribute not only in the passing game but also in the kick return game as well. While Benjamin gets to play in sunny southern California with a much more talented team around him. It was a win-win scenario for both sides.

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A good draft would go a long way for Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Buffalo Bills finished the 2015 season with a 8 and 8 record and they found themselves on the outside looking in when it came playoff time. Head coach Rex Ryan did some good things for this team especially when it came to philosophy. Rex brings a ground and pound philosophy on the field which led to LeSean McCoy and Karlos Williams’ talents being optimized. Off the field Rex brings a lot of enthusiasm for the game of football, and that passion naturally draws people to the team. By utilizing Rex’s talents the Buffalo Bills have made themselves an attractive destination to play football at. Not an easy thing to do when you consider how mediocre the Bills have truly been after the Jim Kelly and Marv Levy era. Rex Ryan has truly breathed life into this franchise and now with the draft coming up he’ll have another chance to build the roster to his vision. You’d have to think that Ryan does that by improving on the defensive side of the ball in the draft. The team lost Mario Williams and will have to replace his pass rushing rushing efforts. On top of that the Bills slightly regressed from 2014 to 2015 defensively under Ryan. You know that doesn’t sit well with Rex Ryan and he will look to add a dynamic play to that defensive front this offseason. Doing so would give the Bills a chance to be flat out dominant upfront defensive and that is something that Ryan will certainly pursue. Also look for the Bills to add a few more players to their offense particularly at the wide receiver position. Sammy Watkins has emerged into a legitimate playmaker and Tyrod Taylor is a rising star at the quarterback position. Landing another wide receiver who can really contribute would go a long way in adding to Watkins, and Taylor’s efforts. That would give the Bills a big shot of challenging the New England Patriots in the AFC East and getting back to the playoffs. Those are the moves to look out for and don’t be surprised when the Bills front office takes that course of action. Still give the Bills credit they are closer to the postseason than they’ve been in a long time.

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The Lions are looking into the NFL abyss again:

Photo credit: Michael Thomas / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Detroit Lions find themselves in rough shape after Calvin Johnson decided to retire this offseason. The team goes from having one of the best wide receivers in the league to desperately trying to find their new identity. While the team signed Marvin Jones to try and fill the void left by Johnson. You have to keep in mind that Johnson alone puts up about double the production that Jones does. Losing that threat on the outside could really hurt Matthew Stafford’s chances to succeed in 2016. On top of that the Lions haven’t nearly made the splash in free agency that they have to in order to be great next season. Bad deals like the Haloti Ngata deal will certainly hurt this team’s chances and you have to wonder if Jim Caldwell was partial on that particular decision. Ngata who is an aging player only recorded 24 tackles, and 2.5 sacks in 2015. Proving that that his best days are clearly behind him. Yet the Lions front office awarded Ngata with a brand new contract that is worth 2 years and 12 million dollars. The fact that Ngata is making 6 million dollars a year when his production is going to clearly keep declining is why this franchise is on the verge of completely imploding. Most football insiders understand that the game is a young man’s game and that a team’s best chance for succeeding is by constantly landing youthful players who will contribute and grow within their roles. The Lions went the exact opposite route of that thinking and paid a guy who really is only going to provide limited to returns in the next two seasons. The truth is Ngata didn’t play good enough when he was dubbed Ndamukong Suh’s replacement last offseason. Now the Lions get an older and less productive Ngata for a big price and it’s moves like that, that have this team looking into the NFL abyss which can easily consume teams and leave them in disarray for years to come. Certainly something to keep an eye on in 2016.

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