Happy Birthday Jim Brown: The Greatest Football Player of All-Time

Photo credit: Tony Tomsic / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

In the era of the internet, Twitter, and Facebook it’s easy to forget where we came from.
In the past sports didn’t have all of these platforms to express our thoughts and stances regarding topics or issues in pro sports. Instead there was radio broadcasts and newspapers clippings to cover sporting events that had hardly any fans in the stands. Fortunately for pro football the greatest football player of all time is an icon that can transcend over many different generations and eras. That player is Jim Brown and while he might seem old fashioned and outdated, Jim Brown is anything but that. Brown is arguably the greatest football player to ever play the game of football. He ranked #1 in the NY Daily News Top 50 NFL players of all time and that ranking was well deserved. Brown finished his professional career with 12,312 rushing yards and 106 rushing touchdowns. Paul Brown the founder of the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns stated “Jim Brown is the greatest football player I’ve ever seen.” What stands out most when watching Brown play is his physical superiority. Brown was flat out dominant on the football field. He could out run defenders, out juke defenders, or flat out run them over. On several plays when you plug in Brown’s game films you’ll notice that the opposing team tries to gang tackle him. Only to have Brown spin off of those defenders and turn the play into a big gain. It’s consistent plays like that which make James Nathaniel Brown the greatest football player of all time. If that isn’t impressive enough for you consider this. Brown was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the Lacrosse Hall of Fame. A testament of how dominant of an athlete Brown truly was.

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The Miami Dolphins were mediocre with a high payroll in 2015:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Miami Dolphins went through a hectic year in 2015. They started out with high hopes after signing Ndamukong Suh to a 114 million dollar contact. The team was also optimistic about inking quarterback Ryan Tannehill to a 77 million dollar contract. Owner Stephen Ross opened the checkbook for his team and he expected to yield results for those commitments. The team failed to provide those returns however and out the gate they stumbled under head coach Joe Philbin. The team decided to release Philbin from his contract after a 1-3 start hoping to gain better leadership. Miami then turned to Dan Campbell who temporarily added a spark to the team winning the next two games. However the team would go 3 and 7 after those first two initial wins. It was clear to Dolphins management that in order to compete in 2016 they needed to look outside of their franchise and bring in a candidate that would fit the direction they were looking to take the team. That wouldn’t be an easy feat when you consider the Dolphins have the 5th worst cap space scenario in the league. Meaning the Dolphins would have to build their team up with very limited funds to spend entering their new head coach’s era. The team went on to hire Adam Gase former offensive coordinator of the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears. Gase has gained recognition as a brilliant player caller and ultimately got the vote of confidence from Stephen Ross. It must be stated though it is hard to win games in the National Football league with a roster depleted of talent, regardless of how good your head coach truly is. In order for Gase to have the success he yearns for he will have to find a way to keep free agents Lemar Miller and Olivier Vernon from skipping town. Not to mention find a way to also attract other free agents into choosing Miami as a landing spot. The team has already discussed the idea of scaling back Ndamukong Suh’s contract just a year after inking the defensive lineman. A move that would free up cap space for the Dolphins and allow them to maneuver more freely this offseason. Don’t expect Suh to be too optimistic about restricting his contract, they made a commitment to him and he will expect the Dolphins to honor that commitment. The Dolphins have a lot of problems and most of them revolve around finances and cap space. That could be a lingering issue for some time to come. We will see how Gase can manage those finacial problems.

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Deal breaker: Redskins and Kirk Cousins stall in contract talks

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Kirk Cousins had an outstanding 2015 season and that was a big reason the Washington Redskins went back to the postseason. Cousins managed to finish the year with 29 touchdowns, 4,166 passing yards and a 101.6 passer rating. If you think the Redskins are going to be anywhere near the football team they were in 2015 without Cousins, think again. This could spell disaster for Washington if they don’t strike a deal with Cousins somehow. That might be by placing the franchise tag on Cousins and preventing him from leaving the D.C area. While it’s clear the team would like to land a deal that will keep their quarterback around longer. The team has been adamant that they only sign Cousins for the right price. Meaning they didn’t want to overpay for Cousins who only has one outstanding season of work on his resume. The situation feels like Cousins’ agent wants to capitalize on the big year from the 4th year player. While the team is trying to get a bargain deal to not throw their finances out of whack. In an era where we see teams overpay for players left and right. You have to respect the Redskins efforts for trying to get a good deal. However you don’t want to alienate the guy who led the team to an NFC East title and eventual playoff birth. If the Redskins were to franchise tag Cousins it would cost them approximately 20 million dollars for 1 season. That would allow the team to reopen negotiations next season and hopefully allow the team to strike the deal they are looking for. Still you have to ask if the Redskins are making the right move. There are plenty of teams that are looking for a quarterback, even a few in the NFC East. If they aren’t careful Cousins could be out the door and the team could be out of luck. Certainly something to look out for.

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Tyrann Mathieu looks to recover after an outstanding 2015 season:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The honey badger was in full effect in 2015 and he was a big part in the Arizona Cardinals going 13-3. The third year player was having an outstanding year before he suffered an ACL tear during a game against the Philadelphia Eagles on December 20th. Mathieu was in the discussion for Defensive Player of the Year and recorded an impressive 5 interceptions up until his injury. That setback certainly hurt the Arizona Cardinals heading into the postseason and it will be a huge uplift getting him back in their lineup for the 2016 season. Before that happens Mathieu will have plenty of rehabilitation in his future though. This isn’t the first time the honey badger has had to face adversity. In his rookie season he tore his ACL and his LCL in a major knee injury returning a kick. He managed to bounce back from that injury but was clearly sluggish in that initial year back in 2014. He was about a third as productive statistically as his first and third season. Look to see if he has another down year just trying to get back to his old athletic form, like he did back then. Although it must be stated that this injury isn’t as bad as the two ligament tear he had to face last time. Maybe Mathieu will recover quickly from this tear though and won’t miss a beat from the form he was in during 2015. In today’s era we’ve seen top tier athletes like Adrian Peterson bounce back the following year after major knee injuries. A huge leap forward from the old days of football where an ACL injury meant the end of a players career. If the advancements of science and medicine can work wonders for Mathieu then he might be able to make a quicker recovery. It’s really a waiting game and just seeing how he responds to this particular setback. Still getting Mathieu back in the line up is good news for the Cardinals because that means he is a step closer to being the player he once was. It’s hard to bet against the guy when he has already came back from worse. Expect Mathieu to be back playing football at a high level by the end of 2016. Right in time for the Cardinals to make a deep postseason run.

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Hopkins could be even better next time around for the Texans:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

DeAndre Hopkins had a great year for the Houston Texans. After slowly progressing in his first two season, Hopkins exploded into a big time receiver in his 3rd NFL season. This is exactly what the Houston Texans envisioned when they drafted Hopkins in the 2013 draft with the 27th overall pick. Hopkins is a young dynamic receiver that can beat you in a number of ways. Whether it is his speed up the field on vertical routes, his tremendous jumping ability, or his acrobatic catches he can truly beat defenders with a variety of different approaches. We seen those unique skills on display time and time again in 2015. On one particular play against the Bengals Hopkins showcased everything that makes him great on an amazing one handed catch against Pacman Jones for a touchdown. On that play Jones had great coverage only to be bested by Hopkins for six points. What stood out most when reviewing that game film is the fact that DeAndre Hopkins had so little room to work with. Jones had been forcing Hopkins to the sideline hoping the receiver would run out of bounds. Instead with hardly any space the former Clemson wide receiver flipped the script on the Bengals and showed why he was one of the best receivers in the league. The Bengals weren’t the only team to experience that play either, the Tennessee Titans were beat the same exact why by DeAndre Hopkins. Quarterback Brandon Weeden threw the ball up the left sideline. Where Hopkins was able to high point the football and out jump the defender in a jump ball scenario. That play also resulted in a Texans touchdown and it’s clear that this guy is a marquee player who is here to stay. Hopkins would end up finishing the season with 111 receptions for 1,521 yards, and 11 touchdowns. If he can put up those numbers again in Houston you better believe the team will be ecstatic with his production. It seems like DeAndre Hopkins will be a staple in the league for years to come. That is great news for football fans, the guy’s game on the football is about as entertaining as it gets.

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Life in Los Angeles: How the Rams could make their mark on LA

Photo credit: Thearon W. Henderson / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Los Angeles Rams are in a huge transition phase. After spurning St. Louis for the emerging Los Angeles market. The team now finds itself in a position to have it’s first winning season since 2003 when they went 12-4. The Rams finished 7-9 in 2015 and had some big wins over teams like Seattle and Arizona. That could be a sign of what is to come for the Rams and they are certainly trending upward. The first thing the Rams can do to improve their football team is land a quarterback. The Rams finished dead last in the league when it came to passing yards in 2015. Finishing number 32 out of the league is never acceptable for any football club and letting the team’s fate rest on Nick Foles and Case Keenum’s shoulders doesn’t seem like a good idea. If the team can land Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, Carson Wentz, or even Connor Cook that would be a huge victory for this team. That doesn’t necessarily have to be the plan of action though and the team could take a different rout that best suits their needs. For example maybe taking a wide receiver who is the best available player at the time and then taking a lineman later on. Followed by a pick like Cardale Jones would be a good plan of action for the Rams. A plan like that would significantly bolster the Rams starting line up and also would give Jones at the helm much more talent around him to succeed. Keep in mind the Rams would also have Todd Gurley for Jones to lean on while he learns the game at the professional level. It’s really up to the front office and where they feel like their biggest needs are. Regardless expect this team to go mainly offensive in the draft with a few picks here and there to solidify the defense. If they could add the majority of those picks to the offense and a couple defenders that seems like the best course for them. Keep mind the team might have to add a corner for the loss of Janoris Jenkis should he choose to leave in free agency. Still this team is poised for a big season in 2016 and it’s up to management to put the best team on the field this offseason. That will ultimately make the transition to Los Angeles a much smoother one for this franchise.

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Lesean McCoy’s nightclub brawl was shady:

Photo credit: Patrick Smith / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

Lesean McCoy could find himself on thin ice after an investigation has started looking into the Buffalo Bills running back’s actions at a Philadelphia nightclub. Apparently McCoy was at the nightclub relaxing last Sunday when an argument took place over a bottle of champagne. The real twist in the story is the fact that McCoy’s altercation took place against off duty Philadelphia police officers. Apparently after some verbal exchanges about who truly owned the bottle of champagne. Some poor decisions were made on behalf of McCoy who went on to fight with the officers. A video recently has surfaced which shows an angered McCoy punching and kicking someone in the nightclub. The really tough thing to stomach was the fact that the person McCoy was punching and kicking was on the ground. Hey we get it, sometimes people (even off duty police offers) don’t know their place and pull shady stunts like trying to claim a bottle of champagne that isn’t theirs. However regardless of who truly owned the bottle of champagne, if you’re in McCoy’s shoes you have to be smarter than that. He is a professional player with a multimillion dollar contract. Why risk everything you’ve worked for over a group of people who you easily could of walked away from. It’s not like McCoy couldn’t afford to buy another bottle of champagne, one he would have certain ownership of. It’s also about being a man and understanding that a man can walk away from an incident and be the more mature individual. Maybe McCoy was upset about where his life has headed being a guy from Pennsylvania and being traded away by the Eagles. Still you can’t let your inner turmoil destroy you. The mayor of Philadelphia isn’t happy and wants McCoy to pay for his crimes. It’s never good thing when such strong political figures have an agenda to take you down. McCoy will soon regret this decision, a decision that could of easily been preventable. Future athletes take notice and learn from McCoy’s mistake!

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Doug Martin and Matt Forte will both be on the go this offseason:

Photo credit: Grant Halverson / Getty images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

There are some big names that headline the unrestricted free agent list this offseason. The running back position in particular has a few marquee players that could be looking at a change of scenery in 2016. Doug Martin the Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back will look to test the market and land a huge payday after a stellar 2015 season. The initial rumors out of Tampa Bay during the season were that the team might strike a deal and retain Martin. Now it appears that the two sides will go their separate ways, due to the fact that Martin is adamant about testing free agency. After posting a 1,402 yard rushing season and finishing second among all rushers in the league. Martin will have more than several teams courting him during the free agency period. At the end of the day if you’re a betting man expect the Dougernaut to change teams. It’s clear that he wants to be highly compensated for his effort and truthfully who can blame him? He deserves that paycheck for his body of work. Another running back who will be changing locations in 2016 is Matt Forte. The Chicago Bears continue to clean house by letting Forte walk away. While the running back is getting up there in age for running backs (30 years old). He still has a solid two seasons left in him to contribute to a team. One possible landing spot might be the New England Patriots. After the Patriots were depleted at the running back position by the end of the year. You have to wonder if bringing in Forte would solve all their woes.Keep an eye on where Forte will land in 2016. Just acknowledge it won’t be with the Bears, and in the end the team might regret that decision. Especially after going 6-10 in 2015 with Forte on their roster. Certainly a bold move for Chicago and the freedom to sign wherever he prefers for Forte.

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Football skills: Todd Gurley is the future of running backs in the National Football League

Photo credit: Dillip Vishwanat

Author: Jon Kuzma

Todd Gurley was the first running back off the board in the 2015 draft and man did he live up to expectations. The former University of Georgia running back had an outstanding first season in the NFL which earned him Offensive Rookie of the Year honors. Gurley at one point was on an absolute terror for the St. Louis Rams finishing with a 100 yards rushing for 4 straight weeks. It’s effort like that which makes Gurley such a dynamic player. He runs hard every play and does a great job of leaving it all out on the field. Gurley’s best play on the football field is either the 23 or 24 power, or the stretch play. This allows Gurley to run to the outside of the field and evade defenders in space. When you plug in the film and watch most of his big plays. This is the play that Jeff Fisher decided to run and Gurley tends to reward Fisher for choosing that particular play. Like most outstanding running backs in the National Football League Gurley is also outstanding after the first contact. He is constantly breaking tackles and turning what should be little gains into big plays. The next big factor in Todd Gurley’s game is his ability to use him vision to beat opposing defenses. When you plug in his film and watch the way he plays. It becomes obvious that not many backs understand the concept of “running to daylight” like Gurley does. On so many different plays you’ll notice Gurley cutback against the grain or side step a defender in the open field. It’s plays like that which let you know Gurley sees the field better than most. When you combine all those traits with his athletically ability. Which is his speed, acceleration, and ability to jump over defenders. These characteristics make Todd Gurley the total package on the football field.

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Steelers must improve on the defensive side of the ball to soar in 2016:

Photo credit: Justin K. Aller / Getty Images Sport

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Pittsburgh Steelers looked outstanding offensively in 2015. That was despite the fact that they seen several injuries to key players including Maurkice Pouncey and Le’Veon Bell. The team at the end of the day still had enough firepower to get the job done. On defense though things were a little bit of a different story. The once proud Steelers defense from the 2008 defense is starting to transition to a new Steelers defense. They have some good young talent in players like Ryan Shazier and Cameron Heyward. Players that can serve as a nucleus moving forward and can be somewhat the cornerstone of this franchise. The thing that needs to be addressed first is the rushing defense though. The Steelers ranked 28th against the run and were just leaving too many holes for runners to slip through. One way to improve a 3-4 defense is to put a great nose tackle in the middle to help against the run game. That position is so important in controlling both A gaps and allowing the linebackers to play freely. A’shawn Robinson, Andrew Billings, and Kenny Clark all fit that mold perfectly and would serve as a great fit in that particular scheme. By drafting one of those players the Steelers make a commitment to sure up that defensive front. Which ultimately should result in more tackles for losses, and the Steelers winning in the trenches more often. It’s not everyday that you can add an uber talented 300 plus pounder to your roster and the Steelers need to take advantage of this opportunity in the draft. With that pick and the addition of another outside backer or defensive end. Maybe through free agency or through the draft and that would be a huge step in the right direction defensively for this team. You have to think that a franchise that has developed the nickname Blitzburgh would understand the importance of an outstanding defense. Expect them to make the right decision and at least go defense first in the first round of the 2016 draft. Remember the old adage “defense wins championships”.

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