Terrelle Pryor makes the Browns and completes transition to WR:


Photo credit: Erik Drost

Author: Jon Kuzma

Terrelle Pryor has been a big name athlete for much of his life. There were reports coming out about him when he was a teenager at Jeannette high school in Pennsylvania. That high profile reputation followed him to thee Ohio State University where Pryor would star for Jim Tressel and the Buckeyes. After a Rose Bowl M.V.P type career at Ohio State Pryor would go take on the National Football League. With the confidence of being a big-time athlete his entire life, Pryor would surely tackle his next task of being an NFL quarterback. That’s where things got a little bit rocky for Pryor. The throws and mental aspect of the game are very very tough in pro football. Defenders are bigger, stronger, and faster than they ever were in the past. Guy’s also put a target on high profile athletes almost wanting to knock them down a notch as well. Pryor ended up struggling, and while most people struggle in life at one point or another. Pryor did the thing anyone with strong character would do. He never gave up. After realizing he couldn’t make a roster as a quarterback. Pryor decided to offer his talents in other ways to NFL teams. At 6’4 240 pounds Pryor had the perfect height to make the transition to N.F.L wide receiver. He also boasted at 4.38 forty yard dash which seemed even more promising. However there are many skills that go into becoming an N.F.L receiver. Reading the defense, sitting in soft spots of the coverage, or even high pointing the football are all examples of skills in that position. Apparently Terrelle Pryor showed enough promise in those attributes to impress the Cleveland Browns. They announced their roster today and Terelle Pryor is indeed a member of their football team. Showing with perseverance nearly anything is possible. He should be an exciting story for the dog pound all seasons.



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A toast to Jarryd Hayne: A pro football player



Photo credit: Tim Napazzi

Jarryd Hayne overcame all of the obstacles that prevented him from making the transition from the world of rugby to pro football. The San Francisco 49ers notified Hanye today that he would indeed be apart of the Niners 53 man roster. A move that was expected by many around the league but you never know with these type of situations at the end of the day. Hayne apparently did enough in his preseason efforts to win over first year head coach Jim Tomsula. Anyone who observed those preseason matches acknowledged that Hayne was outstanding in those four games. Putting up a combined 175 rushing yards on 25 carries over four games. What stands out most in Haynes highlights are the ability to make defenders miss on tackles. Hayne usually uses a jab step one way to set up a defender and then uses his superior running vision to cut the other way pass the defender. Almost Barry Sanders esque although it’s not quite fair to use those two names in the same sentence just yet. Hayne will have to continue this success in the regular season to keep pushing the envelope for his career. While he is still likely behind Reggie Bush, and Carlos Hyde. It’s hard for a coach to allow a guy with this kind of big play capability to sit on the bench for a long time. Maybe at first his role will be limited to just punt returning and a 3rd down running back role. Or maybe Hayne will do the unthinkable again and supplant the other Niners running backs. At this point there is no ruling this guy out of anything. The two time rugby player of the year made an NFL football team without ever playing football. If anything deserves a toast that is it. Congrats Jarryd Hayne you deserve it.


Who will have a better season Sam Bradford or Nick Foles?


Photo credit: Matthew Straubmuller

Author: Jon Kuzma

Here is tough question for the upcoming football season. Reflecting back on the Nick Foles for Sam Bradford trade who is going to walk away the real winner? With many people coming out and praising Foles it makes you wonder if Chip Kelly made the right move? However on the opposite end of the spectrum Chip Kelly’s system is a proven success. Sam Bradford hasn’t looked to shabby in it either, in preseason action he went 13 of 15 for 3 passing touchdowns in his limited time. Bradford was praised by Kelly for his accuracy, quick release, and sound decision making. That seems to be transitioning well into Kelly’s offense as Bradford has been excellent thus far. How long will that last though? The preseason game against the Raven’s Bradford looked timid on the field after Sugg’s hit him with a questionable hit at the time. Even though Bradford was actually caring out a fake and it was a clean hit, the play clearly rattled Bradford and it’s something to keep an eye on in the future. Can Bradford battle through the adversity and rally this team late in the playoffs when the pressure is on? Only time will tell. Back to Foles it feels like the Rams got their guy in this swap. Many around the Rams facility have been saying they believe in Nick Foles. He has also received some notable praise for his leadership and how he always commands the team. Also going the extra mile in terms of being a positive force in the locker room. The guy has NFL quarterback size standing 6 feet 6 inches tall, and it’s safe to say he overachieved in Philly going to a Pro Bowl in 2014. It’s clear Foles has big time potential and even though Sam Bradford is succeeding right now. At the end of the day it feels like Foles is the more promising NFL prospect. All that matters is who produces more this season however and only these two players can determine that outcome.




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Tebow shines in final showing with the Eagles:


Tim Tebow has made the most of his NFL preseason action this year and it’ safe to say he done enough to earn a roster spot on this team. After a two year hiatus away from football Tebow is back and throwing passes better than ever. He completed two touchdown passes last night against the New York Jets. Looking at times completely different from the player that he used to be. It was nice to see Tebow make the transition to a smooth passer instead of relying on his feet to make plays for the Eagles offense. Even early on in the preseason Tebow looked uncomfortable at times as a passer and as a result he had a few games where he was able to rush for a touchdown but not pass for one. That all changed last night when Tebow was out in New Jersey dropping dimes. On several passes he showed off good zip on his throws and the accuracy to prove he is worthy of being an NFL quarterback. With the news that Matt Barkely was traded today to the Arizona Cardinals it nearly guarantees that Tebow will make the roster for the Philadelphia Eagles. A great story for a guy who nearly lost his football career and instead chose to never get up that dream and constantly worked to Improve himself. He is a great fit for Chip Kelly’s offense and anyone who understands footballs x’s and o’s could see that the Eagles could plug him into the formula somewhere. Whether that be on goal line two points conversions like the Eagles tried him in one preseason game, or short yardage situations. Ultimately that is due to Tebow’s execution at the mesh point in the zone read option. But we can honestly say now that it is also because of Tebow’s throws. He is now a dual threat quarterback.



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Torrey Smith shows he is a true gentleman of the league:

Panthers at Ravens 9/28/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith is an outstanding player on the football field. Did you know he is also an outstanding person in life as well? The former Baltimore Ravens receiver is a positive force in his day to day life. Often trying to brighten the lives of people around him and give back to his community. You can tell Smith has a strong sense of faith, and he is known for always interacting with people on Twitter and giving fans encouragement. One particular tweeter was anything but a fan however. Twitter user Dario Webb or “@DWebb15” as his Twitter handle confirms. Had one of the most disgusting comments in Twitter history towards Smith stating “And your brother is still dead”. For those who don’t know Smith’s brother was tragically killed in motor cycle accident during the 2012 season. The following night Smith would play in an NFL game and have an outstanding performance before breaking down and crying on the sidelines. The moment was one of the better moments in sports because Smith was going through so much pain of losing someone he loved. And to see him have success during a time that was so troubling for him, instantly made you a Torrey Smith fan. Dario Webb’s comments are symbolic for the world we live in today. A place where social media trolls can make nasty comments without much repercussion. Yet those comments didn’t break Torrey Smith’s spirit. He lived up to that great character he has always had and turned the cheek to @DWebb15. Showing us all how a responsible human being accepts being berated by an unknown internet voice. Most people today have had to deal with this issue at some point and can take a note from Smith’s approach. For those of you that can’t….

Feel free to send your hate tweets to @DWebb15. He truly deserves it.

*Note- Don’t physically hurt the guy though. Rise above that madness.



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