The Panthers head into the bye week with a ton of optimism and it’s because Cam Newton has returned to MVP form:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Through the first three weeks we’ve seen some pretty notable performances from Patrick Mahomes, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Todd Gurley but Cam Newton’s impact for the Carolina Panthers can’t be overlooked. Newton has quietly returned to his MVP caliber form and that’s helped his team improve to 2-1 over the first three games. Just take a look at the former number 1 overall pick’s numbers and you’ll see that Newton has already scored 8 total touchdowns. By producing so much offense by himself it lessens the burden on all the other offensive’s player’s shoulders. Therefore Cam Newton is going above and beyond his call of duty and that’s exactly what you want from your leader. We always talk about leading from the front and that means the best players have to produce the most. Not only that but Cam Newton is the face of this franchise. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with those expectations but Newton has proved time and time again that he can handle the responsibility. People always knew Cam was a threat on the ground running the ball but he’s come a long way as a passer too. Most of those 8 TDs have come through the air and even last year in the playoffs Newton was delivering strikes with better accuracy than we’ve seen from him in the past. Newton actually reached out to Tom Brady and asked the future Hall of Famer to mentor him a little bit. It’s very possible that Brady gave the dual-threat signal caller some tips when it comes to approaching the game and reading coverages. All we know is Cam Newton has made some tremendous strides and the results are being displayed on the field. Carolina is right in the thick of things and they look like they’re a true contender after the first quarter of the season.

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The Panthers have to be optimistic after heading into the bye week with a winning record. Cam Newton have been great over the first three games.

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