Patrick Mahomes is worth every dollar he gets. He proved his greatness by overcoming adversity and winning a Super Bowl:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Last year wasn’t exactly a smooth ride for Patrick Mahomes. He didn’t win the M.V.P or have his best year stats-wise like he did in 2018. We also can’t forget that Mahomes went down with a really bad knee injury and at one point we didn’t know if he was done for the year or not? But despite all of those challenges. Somewhere deep inside of Patrick Mahomes there was still a burning desire to succeed. Some guys will fold up when they go through that kind of adversity. Instead Patrick Mahomes went the Michael Jordan route and said to himself “find a way to get it done.” And ultimately that speaks volumes about the competitor that Mahomes is. Sure he’s got all of the talent in the world. He can throw the football better than just about anybody. But Mahomes also has that “it factor.” Which is the thing that separates the future Hall of Famers from the regular players. It does feel like Mahomes will be in the Hall of Fame at some point because he’s shown us so much in such a short amount of time. You can also tell that he gets it when we’re talking about what it takes to be a winner. Greatness is a culture. You absorb it as a child and someday it molds you into something special. Mahomes clearly studied all of the legends who came before him in the sports world. Now he’s the next one in line and he’s ready to show future generations how it’s done.

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