Patrick Mahomes won MVP plus Offensive Player of the Year and he’s quickly becoming the face of the NFL:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Overall it was a great year for Patrick Mahomes. Even though the Chiefs came up short of the Super Bowl. Mahomes still dominated individually throwing for 50 touchdowns and 5,097 yards. That helped Kansas City’s quarterback win MVP and Offensive Player of the Year honors which is amazing considering that Mahomes is a first year starter. Andy Reid knew he had a future star and that’s why he traded Alex Smith. However there’s no way anyone could’ve predicted this is how high Mahomes would go. The former Tech Tech signal caller went from someone with a lot of potential to possibly being one of the greatest quarterbacks who’s ever graced our sport. All year Mahomes showed off and proved he’s superior to the competition. Whether it was throwing a deep pass while on the run or a launching a sidewinder through traffic. It got so ridiculous that at one point Mahomes even completed a pass left handed and that was a moment that showed how easy everything came for him. If you go back to the early 90s quarterback play was almost nonexistent and you rarely saw anyone air it out for 30 touchdowns in a season. Today’s game is totally the opposite and he’s the third QB to throw for 50 touchdowns. Mahomes joined Tom Brady and Peyton Manning in that exclusive club and those guys didn’t do it until much later in their careers. It’s very possible that this could be a yearly thing from the 23 year old (Mahomes) and it’s evident that he’ll be the NFL’s brand ambassador moving forward. He created such a buzz that fans were drawn to the games because it was just so exciting to watch. Kansas City will be a playoff team as long as this guy is under center and the next step will be making out of the AFC side of the bracket. That’s easier said than done but you have to believe it’s possible with Patrick Mahomes leading the charge.

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Patrick Mahomes is quickly becoming the face of the NFL.

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