The Patriots have went to back to back Super Bowls since acquiring Stephon Gilmore. It’s clear he’s been worth every penny:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


The New England Patriots aren’t known for opening the checkbook when it comes to paying their players. Instead Bill Belichick prefers to use a team based approach and he pinches every single dollar when it comes to the salary cap. Although Belchick decided to go against that philosophy when it came to Stephon Gilmore. The Patriots paid Gilmore $65M dollars to acquire him in free agency and to be honest the veteran cornerback has far exceeded expectation. Pro Football Focus rated this guy as the top player at his position and it’s because he’s so good at staying on the hip of wide receivers. There was times on film when Gilmore would change directions on dime and then still break up the pass. The other thing he does really well is jump up and high point the football. When you’re going against some of the elite athletes in the game you can’t wait for the ball to drop down. Gilmore is so good at elevating and making a play. Which is great down near the goal line when teams like to run fades routes. It may have taken several years but now Stephon Gilmore has arrived and he gives New England’s defense a leg up. No matter if it’s man or zone coverage you can expect the 28 year old (Gilmore) to play at a high level and do his job. That’s always been the mantra in Foxborough and you know everyone is looking to bounce back after losing to the Eagles last season. Gilmore must be focused and if he can record an interception or two that would go a long way in increasing his team’s chances of winning. Everyone knows LA has a high flying offense so the Pats’ defensive backs will definitely be challenged. It’s all about stepping up when a throw comes his way and Gilmore will be a key factor in shutting down those speedy Rams receivers.

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The New England Patriots paid $65M dollars for Stephon Gilmore and he’s been worth every penny.

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