Paxton Lynch will beat out Mark Sanchez to be the Broncos starter in week 1:

Photo credit: John Leyba / Denver Post

Author: Jon Kuzma

With rookie camps taking place all over the NFL today plenty of teams got a look at their incoming players. One player who stood out big time is Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Paxton Lynch. Lynch looked great for the Broncos and you could almost see coach Gary Kubiak realizing what events are going to transpire in the future for the Broncos. That is the fact that Lynch looked absolutely fantastic throwing the football today and the fact that he is clearly the best option for the Broncos moving forward. That means at some point Coach Kubiak is going to have to notify Mark Sanchez that the team intends to go with Lynch as the opening day starter. Truthfully Lynch is just a better player even as rookie. His 6ā€™6 frame allows him to see over the line much better than Mark Sanchez ever could. Lynch also looks exceptionally fluent in his drop backs and throws. On one particular play Lynch did a playaction fake and delivered a perfect strike to one of his receivers. On that play it was obvious that the Broncos got an absolute steal by drafting Lynch in the 1st round and it also became clear that this guy wasnā€™t going to be on the sidelines for very long. If the Broncos want to repeat as Super Bowl champions it will be very tough to do with Mark Sanchez at the helm but itā€™s possible if Lynch starts from day 1. That will allow the rookie to take his licks early on in the season and hopefully he will be much improved come playoff time. The Broncos arenā€™t a stupid organization they understand this and that is why itā€™s very likely you will see Paxton Lynch as the week 1 starter. Itā€™s very hard to fake the poise that Lynch showed at rookie camp and this guy looks like he is all business. When itā€™s all said and done this will be one of the best off-season moves General Manger John Elway made. Lynch looks like he could be a superstar sooner rather than later.

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