Pettine and the Browns dropped the ball by sitting Manziel:


Photo credit: Erik Drost

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Cleveland Browns had a chance to go 2-1 this past Sunday when they took on the Oakland Raiders. They had just beat the Tennessee Titans 28-14 a week before and the Raiders were another winnable game on the schedule. That was before the Browns made the poor decision of starting Josh McCown as their starting quarterback for the week. The Browns have been 0-1 this season when starting Josh McCown at the quarterback position. While Manziel had just led the Browns to a 28-14 win over the Titans. It was clear who the better choice was to lead this team after last week, yet Mike Pettine has remained firm in his flat out dislike of Johnny Football. While all last year and even in the preseason this year it was clear Pettine didnā€™t like Manziel. This past Sunday marked the first time that Manziel had produced enough where it was undeniable that he was the better option. Pettine showed his stubbornness by neglecting to realize the situation and ultimately deciding to stick with McCown. That decision single handedly cost this Browns team a win. Putting the team at 1-2 with their backs against the wall, rather than 2-1 and feeling optimistic about the rest of the season. While Pettine has made it clear that he wants to put a lot of emphasis on leadership. It’s his poor leadership in the end that has the Browns playing below the level they are capable of. While all offseason and in the preseason it was discussed whether or not this team needs to make a quarterback change. It is clear now that the only thing the Cleveland Browns need is a head coaching change. The most important form of leadership in football. Browns fans deserve better and so does Johnny Manziel.

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