Peyton Manning: Can he win the Super Bowl and ride off into the sunset?

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Denver Broncos quarterback is trying to do the same thing his boss John Elway was able to do. Win the Super Bowl and then ride off into the sunset. While this is likely Manningā€™s last pro football game. Going out on top would say so much about his personal legacy. After being drafted in 1998, Peyton went on to become arguably the greatest quarterback of all-time. His fans will remember him as the quarterback who at times reminded you of a cyborg on the football field. His steps and posture during his drop backs were nearly flawless. Reminding football fans of how much Manning really did resemble a robot. While his accuracy and throws were nearly perfect every single throw. It was that combined precision that led Manning to become the NFLā€™s most successful passer in terms of yardage. Now with the Super Bowl just one day away, Manning will look to leave it all out on the field one last time. Even though Denverā€™s defense is the reason theyā€™re competing for the Super Bowl. Itā€™s Manning who will end up being the x-factor for the Broncos in tomorrowā€™s match up. If Manning can come out and throw for 3 touchdowns and no interceptions in the big game. The Broncos will likely be able to beat the Carolina Panthers who have been the best team in football all year. However if Peyton comes out and struggles like he did for much of the regular season then the Broncos will sink quickly just like they did in their last Super Bowl appearance. The word out of Denver all week long has been that Manning looks great in practice. You have to wonder if those rumors are praise to help build up Manningā€™s confidence going into tomorrow or if they are legitimate observations. If Manning is truly playing better than he has all year that is a very good sign for the Denver Broncos. If itā€™s praise from the Denver staff as an attempt to build Manningā€™s confidence. You have to wonder how confident the Broncos truly are about starting Manning in the Super Bowl. Itā€™s no secret that the Manning of the past would have all your confidence if you were the coach. Yet when you finish the regular season as poorly as Manning did. Everyone in Denver has to be holding their breath and hoping Manning doesnā€™t start slowing down like he has in his past postseason appearances. Itā€™s up to the former M.V.P to do all that he can do to guide this team to victory. Itā€™s his shot at redemption after his last Super Bowl blunder. Will Peyton Manning win the Super Bowl and ride off into the sunset? Only time will tell.

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