The Philadelphia Eagles trade a 3rd round pick for Golden Tate and that move is supposed to help them get back in the hunt for a Super Bowl:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Philadelphia Eagles donā€™t care if Golden Tate is going to be a free agent at the end of the season. They need weapons now if they want to make it to the playoffs and defend their title. Howie Roseman had no problem shipping out a 3rd round pick to get Tate and his statements regarding the deal seem to reflect the attitude which makes up the current Eagles regime. Roseman told the media ā€œweā€™re always going to be aggressiveā€ and thereā€™s no doubting that was the case with this trade. Philadelphia is playing the short term game at the moment because they feel like Golden Tate can be the player who puts them over the top. This was a risky deal though because if Tate doesnā€™t re-sign with the Eagles then the team will only have him for eight games. To make matters even worse Philly has a 4-4 record and theyā€™re not exactly firing on all cylinders. Unless Doug Pedersonā€™s ball club lights it up the rest of the way theyā€™ll probably limp into the postseason as a wildcard. Although thereā€™s no denying that Tate could be the boost thatā€™s needed once the Eagles get there. We know how talented the former Lion (Tate) is from a yards after catch standpoint. Clearly heā€™ll be able to create some plays when the ball is in his hands and you have to appreciate that additional offense. Carson Wentz now has an elite cast around him so he should be able to produce some better results. Which is obviously what the Eagles had in mind and now Tate must go out there and execute. The fans in Pennsylvania are expecting big things from their new pass catcher and everyone is also hoping this rental will serve itā€™s purpose for the time being. If the Eagles come up short people are going to question Roseman because itā€™s unlikely theyā€™ll have the funds to extend Golden Tateā€™s contract.

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Back in the hunt: The Eagles land Golden Tate and sure up their offense.

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