Someday Phillip Lindsay could join Priest Holmes, Joe Perry, and Arian Foster as one of the greatest undrafted running backs to ever grace the sport:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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We’ve seen it happen a handful of times before in NFL history. A player like Willie Parker, Fred Jackson, or Marion Motley goes undrafted but ends up making an NFL roster and then becomes a contributor. Perhaps the greatest of the group of undrafted ball carriers are Priest Holmes, Joe Perry, and Arian Foster. Those three players are the standard when it comes to overlooked talent and the Broncos might have the next underrated tailback. Phillip Linday is making a splash for Vance Joseph’s offense and it’s keeping Denver’s playoff hopes alive. Lindsay has rushed for 937 yards and 8 touchdowns with four games remaining. That almost guarantees the rookie will go over the 1,000 yards rushing mark and it’s also a great start to what could be a very prolific career. From here it’s about putting together at least a decade of solid play which is very difficult to do in today’s era. The players are more physical than ever and it’s very tough to endure the punishment that comes with running the football. So the biggest challenge is to avoid being a flash in the pan. Every fall we see a couple of individuals completely unravel after having a success season. Lindsay needs to prove this isn’t fluke and that he can be relied on for years to come. If you’ve followed his past you know Lindsay has been a star at South High School (Denver) and the University of Colorado (Boulder). During both of those stops this guy rewrote the record books and it’s not surprising that he’s putting it all together for the Broncos. Some people just slip through the cracks when it comes to the draft process. Luckily Phillip Lindsay was a local hero and he eventually got a tryout with Denver. Obviously he impressed John Elway because Lindsay has never looked back.

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Phillip Lindsay joins the group of great undrafted running backs. Denver has a great ball carrier.

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