Picking up the option on DeAndre Hopkins’ contract was a no brainer for the Texans:

Photo credit: Ronald C. Modra / Sports Imagery

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Houston Texans decided that they would pick up the 5th year option on star receiver DeAndre Hopkins contract. The choice was a no brainer for the Texans because Hopkins was one of the most dynamic wide receivers in all of football in 2015. Hopkins finished last season with 1,521 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns. That kind of production was something the Texans organization couldnā€™t afford to lose and that is why we seen the team make sure Hopkins is in a Texans uniform until at least 2017. Hopkins has made a routine out of catching fade route passes on opposing defenders and the former Clemson receiver has really evolved into one of the premier receivers in the National Football League. Now with Brock Osweiler coming to Houston, youā€™d have to think that Hopkins will be even better in 2016. The Texans alternatedĀ between Brian Hoyer and Brandon Weeden at the quarterback position last year and Osweiler will be an upgrade over both of those players. Solidifying the quarterback position means Hopkins will be even more versatile on the fieldĀ because Osweiler can deliver the ball to Hopkins in wider variety of ways than Brian Hoyer can. That will be crucial in the postseason and now the Texans have the chance to take the next step and maybe knock off a few AFC teams later on in the year. The option to pick the tab up on Hopkins contract also helps the team avoid any distraction on whether or not Hopkins is going to leave the team after the season. It also bodes well for the Texans in retaining Hopkins when his contract does expire as well because the team has properly communicated to Hopkins that they appreciate his efforts and will do everything they can to keep him in the fold. There was really no question at all when it came to this decision, and give credit to the Texans for making it happen.

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