Playoff expectations are high for the Buffalo Bills in 2016:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Buffalo Bills are the closest they’ve been to the postseason since Doug Marrone and Mike Mularkey’s 9 win seasons in 2014 and 2004. For those of you who don’t know, the Bills haven’t made the postseason since 1999. When Wade Phillips was the head coach of the team. Now with Rex Ryan having the team finish 8-8 in the tough AFC East, the team finally has a strong enough core of players that could get 3 more wins during the 2016 season. One thing that helps is Ryan’s cool demeanor that he emits while coaching. It’s no secret that players around the league like Rex and many players have been vocal about their desire to play for Ryan. That helps make Buffalo a more attractive destination and could be the reason the Bills land a few extra free agents this offseason. Still keep an eye on whether or not they can put it all together. Rex is a players coach and that helps bring talent in the door. However they have to get better x and o’s wise and systematically. Bringing in Rob Ryan should help Rex have another bright football mind on his staff. So keep an eye on whether or not that tilts the odds in Buffalo’s favor. A lot of people will knock Rob Ryan and will say it won’t add a lot because he is not that good of a coach. All of those people would be wrong though, sometimes situations don’t work out for whatever reason. Anytime you can add a guy like Rob Ryan to the mix it’s a good move to do so. That is why so many teams have chose to bring him on board in the past. Outside of that the team has to make some offensive upgrades to the passing game. The Bills were ranked 28th in the league when it came to the pass. So it would be wise to add a few lineman and receivers through offseason additions. They were number 1 in the league when it came to the running game, and that is a testament of Rex Ryan’s philosophy when it comes to running the football. Lesean McCoy and Karlos Williams did a great job of helping the Bills achieve that ranking. If Lesean McCoy doesn’t have any off the field issues (which he very well might) the Bills should have a very real chance at repeating that number 1 ranking in 2016. Finally the Bills have to do a better job of stopping the run and rushing the passer in 2016. Especially if the Mario Williams will be departing from that defensive front. So there has to be some calculated tweaks made to this roster heading into the future. Especially since the Bills are short on cap space, which puts them in a tough position to maneuver. Still this team looks to be heading in the right direction and they even made headlines by hiring the first female full time assistant coach. Just another example of Ryan’s impact in Buffalo.

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