Host: Jon Kuzma

Endzoneblog.com is airing a daily podcast show that can be found through the “podcast tab” on our home page. Each show is a 15 minute segment that covers all the latest NFL news and action. Host Jon Kuzma delivers great pro football insight that allows Endzoneblog.com to connect with different audiences. Podcasts are a great alternative to reading our articles and they also allow topics to really be expanded upon.Ā  Therefore are fans have a couple different ways to follow us and we hope you all choose to tune in each day. You can also chime in on Twitter @EndzoneblogNFL and ask us any questions you have? If that doesn’t work for you there’s a comment section below where we would always like to hear your feedback. We’re also looking for guests to come on the show and discuss some of the latest football events. If you’re an NFL playerĀ  and would like to co-host an episode you can email Jon here (jdkuzma@hotmail.com) . Podcasts can be done through the phone so you don’t even have to travel!

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