Pro athletes have a target on their back in today’s era and that’s why we shouldn’t judge Tyreek Hill just yet:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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In a crazy twist it looks like Tyreek Hill didn’t commit child abuse or domestic violence after all. A radio station in Kansas City (610 Sports Radio) got a hold of some audio recordings of Hill and you could hear him telling his fiancé at the time (Crystal Espinal) that he never hurt his son.
Hill stated that he never hit Espinal either and that she essentially ruined his life. While this caught most of the world off guard it’s not totally surprising. We’re in an era where society is starting to breakdown and fake allegations and false accusations have become the norm. Athletes are also targeted for fraud and plenty of other illegal schemes. If that doesn’t take a great player down then the jealousy often does. The truth is a lot of these guys have it harder than ever and most of the time it’s the people closest to them that’s causing all of the problems. Money and fame can sometimes bring out the worst when it comes to everyone who is supposed to support you. Now that it appears Hill pleaded guilty to those child abuse charges just because he couldn’t win in court you have to sympathize for him a little bit. The justice system would’ve punished Tyreek Hill even worse if he tried to defend himself. So Hill got kicked off the Oklahoma State football team and a strike on his record even though the crime didn’t happen. Like so many other players Hill needs to distance himself from the people in his past and do his best to move forward with his life. When social dynamics change and someone rises quite a bit in status these type of things must happen. Hopefully once Hill gets away from this situation and uses a middle man to pickup his son then most of the issues go away.

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In today’s era pro athletes have it harder than ever.

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