Quincy Enunwa steps into a lead role with the New York Jets, he led the team in receiving yards a season ago:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Fourth year Receiver Quincy Enunwa evolved into a pretty good football player in his third season of professional action. Enunwa led the New York Jets in receiving yards with 857 yards and he also contributed 4 receiving touchdowns to the offense. That production made Enunwa the most prolific receiver on the Jets roster in 2016 and without Enunwa New York would have been in a lot of trouble. Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker were both injured for most of the season and in their absence Quincy Enunwa stepped up and won himself a starting job for this football team. Now in 2017 Marshall and Decker are both gone and it will be all on Enunwa to take this team back to winning football. The Jets donā€™t have enough talent on their roster at the moment to have NFL success, so it will be a couple seasons before that happens. However Quincy Enunwa has to keep building his own legacy and that means he has to have another big year in 2017. This is actually a contract year for Enunwa so if he puts up big numbers he will be able to score a huge payday at the end of the season. Even if the Jets donā€™t want Enunwa he is essentially showcasing his talent to the entire league in 2017 and then Enunwa can go test free agency where he will get paid. It feels like the Jets will want to retain Quincy Enunwa at the end of the year because they donā€™t have anybody else that can really be a number 1 guy. At the end of the day though pro football is a business and if Enunwa plays well he wonā€™t have to stick around with Jets beyond this upcoming season. So the New York Jets have to get it together in 2017 if they want to prevent more talent from leaving (In this case Quincy Enunwa). Keep an eye on this situation as the season progresses on.

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