The Raiders continue their prolific offseason:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Oakland Raiders are continuing their remarkable offseason. After landing Bruce Irvin and Kelechi Osemele early on in free agency. The Raiders have now signed Aldon Smith to a deal and the move will significantly bolster the Raiders starting defense. Aldon Smith at one point was one of the league most talented pass rushers while playing with the San Francisco 49ers. That was before Smith ran into some off the field issues which resulted in Smith being suspended for a whole season. Smith who also got into some trouble last season with the leagueā€™s substance abuse policy wonā€™t be eligible to play until November. Still the Raiders get a player who has recorded 47.5 sacks in 59 games. He is a tremendous pass rusher who can single handedly change the outcome of games for the Raider defense. With him coming back just in time for the end of the season and a playoff run. The Raiders should start to hit their stride defensively when it matters the most, entering the postseason. That isnā€™t the only good news coming out of Oakland either. Itā€™s been reported the Raiders are also in negotiations with Reggie Nelson as well, who was the best safety in the league in 2015. Adding Nelson and Smith would mean that the Raider would significantly bolster their defense and put a dominant supporting cast around Khalil Mack. Mack is probably the 3rd best defender in the National Football League right now and when you put Bruce Irvin, Aldon Smith, and potentially Reggie Nelson around him. Great things are certainly destined to happened. Talent trumps all in the National Football league, it doesnā€™t matter how good your coaches are if there isnā€™t enough talent on the roster. The Raiders have a quality coach in Jack Del Rio and it appears they are going to be absolutely loaded entering the 2016 season talent wise. Early on we all thought the Jags had the best offseason but now itā€™s easily the Raiders. It’s been great move after great move for Oakland.

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