Rams stiff arm St. Louis for Los Angeles. Chargers will have the option to join them:

Photo credit: Dilip Vishwanat

Author: Jon Kuzma

The St. Louis Rams are officially no more. The league publicly announced last night that the Rams will be relocating to Los Angeles. The move was made with a number of factors in mind. First the Los Angeles market is booming right now and will only continue to grow in the near future. That means the Rams will be running in the green on the spreadsheet in a lot more columns than they would be in St. Louis. Those extra funds can be used in so many facets of the team and really at the end of the day it was a no brainer for the Rams. Whether it be more sponsorship or more ticket revenue from the excitement of pro football being back in Los Angeles. Business wise you have to tip your hat to Stan Kroenke and the other NFL owners. It wasn’t an easy business decision but at the end of the day it was the right business decision. As much as you could go on and on about the financial benefits of the move, you also have to talk about Los Angeles as a destination. Weā€™re talking about a major hub for entertainment and culture. Los Angeles isnā€™t just an attractive destination for businesses it will be a great landing spot for free agents in the off-season as well. Players want to play and live in sunny southern California and the Rams should benefit greatly from their new location. California also has a healthier lifestyle than many other cities as well. There are gyms and healthier food choices all around you in California so players will have access to so many amenities if they were to play for the Rams. Ā Just a few more advantages of moving the team to LA. The only real con of Los Angles is the distractions that will be around the players. Tinseltown has the most talented people in the world. There will always be events going on and things for people to do. The Los Angles Rams have to block out all the distractions and make sure theyā€™re ā€œprofessional football players.ā€ If they can do that good things are certainly coming for this franchise. The Chargers will actually have the option to join the RamsĀ in Los Angeles. However the Chargers and Raiders both got offered 100 million dollars to stay in their previous locations of San Diego and Oakland. We will see shortly if the Chargers exercise that option. One thing is certain at this point, The Rams are back in LA.

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