Ranking the five best landing spots for Jimmy Garoppolo:

Author: Jon Kuzma

It looks like the 49ers. Will have a new quarterback next season. San Francisco moved up in the draft. To make that happen. And now you can’t help but wonder. What will happen with Jimmy Garoppolo? The 49ers insist they’ll keep him. But there’s no doubt they’re bluffing. So here are the five best landing spots for Garoppolo. 

5. Bears- At the moment. Andy Dalton is the Bears starter. But he’s on thin ice. Chicago will weigh their options at QB. You’d think they’d draft someone. However Garoppolo could have a cheap price tag. Will that tempt Ryan Pace?

4. Patriots- New England made it clear. They’ll be sticking with Cam Newton. But you know Bill Belichick. Would like to have Garoppolo back. The problem is the timing. This team appears to be fine. With what they have. So don’t expect them. To make too many changes.

3. Eagles- Could Jimmy Garoppolo beat out Jalen Hurts? It’s hard to say. Because Garoppolo isn’t a great competitor. Like Hurts is. However the Eagles might want to bring in another arm for camp. And those two could battle it out from there.

2. Panthers- Teddy Bridgewater got his chance to start. And nothing seemed to go his way. Carolina can’t be happy. With those results. Which means they could be in the market. For someone else. The question then becomes. Is Garoppolo an upgrade for this team?

1. Broncos- Drew Lock is on a rookie deal. So that means that Denver. Isn’t too invested in him. If they traded for Garoppolo. The Broncos could focus on. Some of their other weaknesses. It’s an option that’s on the table.

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