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The goal of sports betting is being able to make money on your favorite teams in a responsible manner.

Figure out a good amount to bet. Bet only what you can accept losing, if you’re okay with losing $1,000 dollars, then go for it, if not, donā€™t. Even the best bettors only win 60% of the time. Are you okay with a 40% chance of losing that much money? Try to find that happy medium on how much to bet.

Try to bet a similar amount on every game, it doesn’t matter how great you think a pick may be. The bookies are exceptional at making lines, and make it about 50/50 chance of the scoring outcome.

This goes with if you keep losing, dont bet more money to try to make up your loses. You will probably need to wait until the next week of games to make solid selections to get yourself out of a hole.

Keep a close eye on injuries and weather reports. We are going to have injury and weather updates and on the website for you to look at. If it is a rainy day and an air raid tem with no running game is playing, you might want to bet in the other direction. If a teams kicker is hurt, they might not be able to kick extra points or field goals causing them to go for it on 4th down changing the predicted score. These are the little things that many people forget about when betting.

The goal is not to pick the winner, but to pick the line. ,good teams win, but more often than not, they donā€™t cover. Usually bet on the underdog or the bad teams. Once you learn to bet on the bad teams you’ll win more. All they have to do is cover, even if they are losing at the end of the game they still may try to score some more, while the winning team is usually running the ball and staying more conservative.

Look at multiple sportsbooks to compare the lines and odds. Figure out which ones work for you and the ones you like the most.

Keep track of which bets your winning and which ones your losing. If you’re doing well betting underdogs who are heavily unfavored then stick with it. If youā€™re good with a few select teams then stick with them. This is not fantasy football where you have to select a player for every position. Bet the games your comfortable with. You can bet as many games or as few games as you want.

Do your homework. Look at past games of certain odds. We have statistics on many odds with percentage of possible outcomes, but every team is different. Some teams may excel late in games while other might not causing them not to cover. Our game betting summaries will give you all the information and stats you need for this.

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Realdealbet: The Betting Blueprint has all your NFL tips.

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