The Redskins believed improving their defense would give them the best chance for success in 2016:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Washington Redskins won the NFC East and went to the playoffs in 2015 and in order to top that performance the team needed to get better defensively. The Redskins front office understood this and that is why we seen the team add Josh Norman as the big off-season acquisition. Norman is an elite level corner who will make passing against the Redskins much tougher. Norman can break on throws as good as anyone in the NFL right now and he will give the Redskins a huge boost in the secondary. That wasn’t the only defensive move the Skinā€™s made though, they also made sure they got their fair share of defensive players in the draft as well. The team drafted 3 straight defensive players with the 2nd, 3rd, and 5th round picks (Washington didnā€™t have a 4th round pick). Which included Suā€™a Cravens from the University of Southern California who was a terrific football player and should be able to help the Redskins at some linebacker position. Coach Gruden has stated that Cravens will likely play inside linebacker for the team, so we will see how well he transitions to that position and what kind of contributions he can make to Washingtonā€™s defense. With the Cowboys landing Ezekiel Elliot Cravens will be needed to help keep Dallas and the other NFC East teams in check. Gruden and the rest of the coaching staff believe Cravens can do so and that is ultimately why Cravens finds himself in D.C. Another notable player the Redskins drafted was Kendall Fuller in the 3rd round. Kendall Fuller is from the prestigious Fuller family which now has their 4th son playing in the National Football League with Kendall. The pedigree is certainly there for Kendall Fuller and expect him to play a lot like his brother Kyle Fuller who plays for the Chicago Bears. That would be a good player to pair along with Josh Norman and you can begin to see why the Redskins put such a priority on defense this off-season. The team is hoping they can be a true contender in the 2016 postseason and with these moves they very well might be. This is the best the Redskins have been talent wise since Joe Gibbs era.

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