All reigns must come to an end: good riddance Seattle Seahawks

Seahawks at Redskins 10/6/14

Photo credit: Keith Allison

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Seattle Seahawks had another set back in NFL action when they lost to the Arizona Cardinals 39-32. After going to back to back Super Bowls and forming one of the greatest defenses the NFL has ever seen. Itā€™s finally time to say good riddance to the Seattle Seahawks. It was awesome to be able to watch this team grow from that team that knocked off the New Orleans Saints in the 2011 playoffs. To a team we seen hoist the Lombardi trophy and look nearly untouchable on the football field. The team you are seeing now is a shell of that team however. Things started to take a bad turn for the Hawks when they tried to downsize Marshawn Lynch and sell the public Russell Wilson. It was Lynchā€™s hard nose approach that led Seattle on the terror that they were able to achieve. There were even rumors floating around the Seahawks camp that the team wanted Russell Wilson to be the star oppose to Lynch in Super Bowl 49. That is why the team chose to throw the ball on goal line instead of feeding beast mode. Apparently the Seahawks thought Marshawn Lynchā€™s rebellious attitude wasnā€™t a good fit for their future. The front office instead wanted to be led by Russell Wilsonsā€™ All-American guy personality instead. This was evident when the Seahawks paid Wilson $87.6 million dollars oppose to Lynchā€™s $31 million. Yet Lynch has always been the heart and soul of this team while Wilson unjustly got the money and the spotlight. Even when the Seahawks were losing earlier this season did that stop Wilson from staying out of the public spotlight? Not at all, the quarterback was seen in number of tabloids out with his hi-profile girlfriend when he should of been staying off the grid and focusing on his game. The Seahawks gambled that the nice guy was the right guy for this team and they got burned. All while clearly further alienating beast mode from the situation. When it comes down to it the Seahawks should of known better than investing that much money into a quarterback who isnā€™t a traditional pocket passer. They also should of known the talent on their own roster better and promoted the people who deserved it. Now because of these costly decisions the Seahawks are fading back into NFL irrelevance.

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