There are reports coming out of New England that Bill Belichick, Tom Brady, and Robert Kraft are in a power struggle. This is a terrible distraction for the Patriots heading into the playoffs:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Have you ever stopped and wondered why so many great bands break up? Really it seems like there is three reasons why that ends up happening. Either the power struggle becomes too much or the attention becomes too unbalanced. Thereā€™s also the possibility that the situation just becomes stale and people are ready to move on. Weā€™ve seen it happen so many times before and now it seems like the New England Patriots could be the latest trio to go their own way. Apparently Tom Brady went behind Bill Belichickā€™s back and asked Robert Kraft to force a trade with Jimmy Garoppolo. With Brady’s career winding down itā€™s possible he was threatened by an ascending Garroppolo and a trade ensured Brady will be the starting QB for the foreseeable future. Remember Brady won his job from an over the hill Drew Bledsoe early on in his career. By getting rid of his competition Brady strengthened his claim as the face of the New England franchise and apparently that isnā€™t sitting too well with Bill Belichick. Early indications out of the Boston area are that Belichick is the most likely of the three to move on and thatā€™s huge news considering everything the Patriots head coach has accomplished during his time with the team. Itā€™s hard to imagine New England without Belichick but things have to end sooner or later. The biggest concern about all of this is the fact that itā€™s coming out right before the postseason. That doesnā€™t bode well for the Patriots future and if they donā€™t win the Super Bowl expect to see some fireworks fly when it comes to the Belichick / Brady conflict. Youā€™d hate to see a relationship thatā€™s been great for so many years spoil but maybe Belichick and Brady are just sick of each other after all their years together?

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