The return of Kam Chancellor a great sign for the Seahawks:


Photo credit: Ryan Lock

Author: Jon Kuzma

The Seattle Seahawks are 0-2 on the season, however theyā€™ve been without their star safety Kam Chancellor. Chancellor has been one of the keys to the Seahawks defense during their Super Bowl run in 2013 and their Super Bowl runner up appearance in 2014. The legion of boom get their boom from Chancellors big time hits and ability to make big plays in clutch situations. In fact when the pressure was on Chancellor was at his best. During the playoffs when a playersā€™ clutch rating comes into account. Chancellors has managed not only to play at superior level, but also score points defensively and change the outcome of games for the Seahawks. So when Chancellor decided to hold out during the 2015 season, some Seahawksā€™ fans were angry while others understood that Kam had earned the right to renegotiate a pay raise. Regardless of how you felt about the issue one thing was clear. Chancellor was instrumental in the Seahawks runs and they would be hard pressed to have that kind of success without him. To get an example of how good he was during the 2013, and 2014 postseason you have to look at his stats. During those two post seasons he was able to record 61 tackles and 3 interceptions. Keep in mind some players donā€™t record 3 interceptions in a 16 game regular season. Chancellor was able to record those stats in 7 games. A testament of just how good he has been for the Seahawks. He will likely play a huge role in getting this team back on track. Only time will tell if itā€™s too late however sitting at 0-2. The team has more problems than just on the defensive side of the ball.Still with 31 in the defensive secondary it still makes for a brighter day.

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