Reuben Foster has had a string of bad luck over the past 4 months:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Life was all good for Reuben Foster just 5 months ago. Foster had led the Crimson Tide to their second consecutive National Championship appearance and Foster had also been named the Dick Butkus award winner which is given to the top linebacker in the nation. Everything seemed to be going Foster’s way and his momentum seemed unstoppable. Soon after though the Crimson Tide fell short to the Clemson Tigers in that National Championship game and since then everything started to unravel for Foster. A couple months later Foster was sent home from the NFL Scouting Combine because he got in an argument with one of the doctors evaluating his health. That was a black eye for Fosters stock and brand, especially since Foster didn’t get to showcase his talent to NFL scouts. Foster also missed out on meeting with NFL personnel and make no mistake about it those are missed opportunities for the top linebacker in the 2017 NFL Draft. While many NFL insiders have predicted that Foster’s draft position will drop because of the mishap, a new allegation has come to light against Foster. The NFL has recently released news that Foster failed a drug test at the Combine as well. Apparently Reuben Foster submitted a diluted drug test and by NFL standards that is a “failed drug test.” That means Foster likely drank as much water as he possibly could hoping to water down his urine and that’s another letdown for Reuben Foster. Now teams are going to label this guy a “bad apple’ which could mean Foster drops significantly come draft day. It’s hard for an NFL team to take a risk on Foster when they aren’t sure whether or not he will be eligible to play? It’s safer for those same teams to draft someone else, someone with less risk and less red flags. Even though Foster is an outstanding player his off the field antics are certainly a concern, so if Foster is serious about playing in the NFL he has to address those setbacks. If he can do that there is no doubt he will make a mark in the NFL because when it comes to being on the field, Foster is a terrific talent. Let’s hope he gets the message and gets it back on track because if not Reuben Foster will be a whole lot of wasted potential.

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