Richard Sherman isn’t going anywhere unless some team significantly overpays for him:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

There have been rumors all off-season that the Seattle Seahawks were entertaining offers for four time Pro Bowl Cornerback Richard Sherman. With Head Coach Pete Carroll confirming that a number of a teams have indeed inquired about Sherman it’s time to discuss whether or not Sherman will get dealt? Richard Sherman is currently 28 years old and still has two seasons left on his contract. If you’re the Seahawks and you’re looking to make a deep run in the playoffs, you definitely need Sherman in the picture to make that happen. On the opposite end of that argument if you’re looking to move on from Sherman before having to re-sign him to a big contract at 30 years old now is the time. So it’s clearly a situation that can go either way but keep in mind the Seahawks don’t have a lot of depth in their secondary. Shipping Richard Sherman out would leave the Seahawks with a question mark at both cornerback positions and Seattle is in no place to let Sherman walk at the moment. Skip Bayless recently suggested that Dallas should trade their 28th overall pick for Richard Sherman, which believe it or not might not be that bad of a deal for either team. Dallas lost both of their cornerbacks and could use Sherman for the next two years. That trade would also leave Seattle with the 26th pick in the first round and Dallas’ 28th pick in the first round, which both could be used on cornerbacks if the Seahawks felt it was necessary. If the Seahawks can get a first round draft pick for Richard Sherman then the situation would have to be deeply considered. However it’s hard to believe that Dallas would miss out on a young player with a ton of upside to trade for an aging Sherman. It could happen but it’s not necessarily in the Cowboys best interest longevity wise. It feels like it will take a first round pick to get this deal done so we will see if any team is willing to give that up for Sherman who is still one of the best corners in the league. It’s possible but don’t expect it happen, Sherman is too vital for the Seahawks when it comes to their short term goals (winning the Super Bowl).

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