Robert Kraft picked a horrible time to criticize Bill Belichick:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Robert Kraft isn’t hiding his feelings. He’s upset that New England. Hasn’t done a good job in the past couple of drafts. The Patriots have missed on most of those picks. So Kraft is letting Bill Belichick know. That he has to do better. But the problem with all of this. Is the timing of it all. If there were any issues between Kraft and Belichick. Those problems should’ve been handled last season. Because at this point. New England is past those problems. Why would Kraft put that statement out there? When this team just had the best off-season out of anyone. Now people will speculate. Whether or not there’s tension between Kraft and Belichick? That’s the last thing the Patriots need. Now that they’re finally back on track. It almost implies that Belichick is on thin ice. As far as being a GM goes. But the guy has won six Super Bowls. So maybe Kraft should take a step back. And be more careful. When he speaks to the press. Because this is a distraction for the Patriots.

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