Roddy White was right for questioning Kyle Shanahan’s play calls in the Super Bowl:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

The Atlanta Falcons lost the Super Bowl because of some misguided play calling down the stretch and former Falcon’s receiver Roddy White spoke about the team’s Super Bowl letdown. “I would have literally fought Shanahan over that play call” White told the press, also stating Atlanta is lucky he still isn’t on their roster. Clearly White is frustrated with how things panned out and truthfully you can’t blame him. If Atlanta would have ran the football late in the 4th quarter against the Patriots and kicked a field goal they win the football game. Instead the Falcons decided to pass the ball, they were sacked by the Patriots defense and got a holding call on the following play. That took Atlanta out of field goal range and Tom Brady’s heroics propelled New England to their 5th Super Bowl win. Shanahan made a terrible call on that series but you have to fault Dan Quinn as well. He has final say on all play calls and you owe your team better decision making than that. To be honest though bad play calling is some what expected in pro football. We’ve seen Seattle throw the ball on the 1 yard line and lose a Super Bowl. We see teams throw the ball on 3rd and 1 and 4th and 1 all the time. These types of calls are becoming more and more prevalent in the NFL and it’s because a lot of these coaches aren’t the real deal. Fundamentals win football games and that’s why Bill Belichick is leagues above everyone else. Still though, even Belichick has kicked the ball in overtime a few times (always a bad move) and it’s just a common thing to scratch your head after a lot of these play calls. Roddy White wasn’t the only one questioning the call either, several analysts fried the Falcons for their questionable play calls. Including Michael Wilbon who tweeted this immediately after Atlanta chose to put the ball in the air when they could of ran the ball and trusted Matt Bryant for the win.

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