Roger Goodell’s passive approach on team relocation should be the final straw for his role as commissioner:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With news breaking out today that the city of St. Louis is suing the NFL one has to wonder how this is all going to fall on Roger Goodell? Goodell has recently allowed the Rams to leave St. Louis, the Chargers to leave San Diego, and the Raiders to leave Oakland. Now that St. Louis is suing the NFL, you have to believe that eventually San Diego and Oakland will follow suit. That means the National Football League could potentially have three different lawsuits on their hands all of which will be for substantial amounts of money. While the league would be able to survive all those financial setbacks these court cases are going to be another black eye for the NFL. All of the owners are responsible for allowing these relocations to happen, but at some point the commissioner needs to step up and intervene. That’s why Goodell was given the job in the first place and his passive stance on relocation is certainly going to come back and bite him in the ass. To turn your back on three cities that have supported NFL teams for over a hundred years is not only a bad move for the league but it should be the reason for massive personnel changes in the league’s front office. Also the owners all got significant relocation fees for approving these deals which makes the voting process awfully partial. For example the Rams and Chargers each had to pay a $550 million dollar relocation fee for moving to Los Angeles. That money is then divided among the other owners in the league and the players don’t get a penny of those funds. With over a $1 billion dollars on the table between the Chargers and Rams alone what owner is going to reject collecting those relocation fees? The answer is very few, between the Rams and Raiders relocation voting the outcome was 61 votes approving the moves and only 3 votes opposing. So clearly not many of the owners were thinking about the fans around the league and it’s obvious that the money means more than the fans when it comes to these NFL owners. The NFL can’t have sustainable product with this kind of mindset and that’s why this blunder should be the last of the Roger Goodell era. Business has to be about connecting people and uplifting spirits. The NFL has shunned that model for a “profits at all cost mentality” and now the league needs new leadership to get their mission back on track. This is a pivotal moment for the league as whole and we will see what path they choose? A clean slate has to be the best option and that means getting rid of Roger Goodell first and foremost.

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