Russell Wilson will report to the Seahawks’ off-season workouts but many people believe he’s ready to move on from the team. Wilson could be putting his career in jeopardy if he leaves Seattle:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Having a great coach and a culture that is conducive for success is hard to come by. Pete Carroll has provided an environment that has allowed Russell Wilson to flourish and that’s why it would be foolish for Wilson to leave the Seahawks. There’s been a lot of rumors that Wilson’s wife Ciara wants to be in New York which is better for her career but Wilson is the bread winner in the  family right now so his job has to be the top priority.

Whether it’s Wilson’s own desire to leave or his wife or agent whispering in his ear that he can do better in New York. It doesn’t matter those ambitions should be put on hold because nothing is going to beat what Russell Wilson has in Seattle. This is a franchise that always reloads and finds a way to be competitive. While the New York Giants are a dumpster fire and they’ve only won 8 games over the past two seasons. If Wilson doesn’t play well on the field first and foremost then the glamor and glitz won’t follow. The whole reason he has this brand is because of Carroll and lets not forget even with his great coach Wilson still threw an interception on the goal line in the Super Bowl. Proving just how hard it is to win in the NFL even when you have all of this help around you. That help won’t be anywhere to be found in the Big Apple and there’s also so many distractions to overcome. Is this really what Wilson wants or is he being tempted by Ciara and her wants and needs? All we know is it’s a bold move to turn his back on the team that drafted him and made him who he is today. The grass is always greener on the other side but it rarely ends up being as good as it seems.

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Russell Wilson will report to off-season workouts but there’s a lot of speculation that he’s ready to leave Seattle.

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