Ryan Fitzpatrick built himself up into one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL and then Dirk Koetter turned his back on him. Now Koetter needs FitzMagic to save his job:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The trade deadline came and went but DeSean Jackson wasnā€™t shipped out. One reason why is because the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are starting Ryan Fitzpatrick the rest of the way and those two players (Jackson and Fitzpatrick) have great rapport with each other. The hope is the Buccaneersā€™ offense will pick up right where they left off earlier in the season. Which was before Dirk Koetter benched a red hot Fitzpatrick for Jameis Winston. That decision alone could end up costing Koetter his job this off-season and now the head coachā€™s only hope is the guy heĀ  overlooked. Ryan Fitzpatrick will be professional about it and go out there and give it all he has. Itā€™s that same mentality which is the reason heā€™s in the position he’s in now. A lot of coaches have undervalued the former Harvard signal caller and people forget that Fitzpatrick was a 7th rounder. He just hung around the league long enough until he started to pick things up. Itā€™s not like Fitzpatrick is just a good player either he had the most passing yards in the league threw the first three games. During that stretch FitzMagic had over 400 passing yards in each contest and itā€™s still shocking that Koetter wouldnā€™t stick with the hot hand. Regardless though the Bucs have a 3-4 record and they have 9 games to get back on track. Thereā€™s still plenty of time for Ryan Fitzpatrick to reel things in and get this team in the playoffs. Dirk Koetterā€™s future will certainly depend on it and this will be an interesting story line as the rest of season plays out. Jameis Wintston will have to sit and watch everything unfold but itā€™s the right decision because Tampa Bayā€™s offense is on another level when the magic man is under center. Ryan Fitzpatrick earned the starting job and now we get to see what he can do with it?

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Dirk Koetter needs Ryan Fitzpatrick to save his job. FitzMagic will have 9 games to do so.

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