Ryan Fitzpatrick is throwing the ball very well at Miami Dolphins OTAs. It’ll be an entertaining year for this team if they roll with FitzMagic:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Organized team activities are underway and we already have an early winner in Miami. That’s veteran quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick who’s been throwing the ball extremely well for the Dolphins. Of course Josh Rosen is also on the roster so there’s no telling who Brian Flores will go with on game day?

Flores has made it clear that it’s an open competition but Fitzpatrick looked like a completely different player a year ago. In fact the man known as FitzMagic threw for 17 touchdowns in only 7 starts for Tampa Bay and probably would’ve had over 30TDs had he played in all 16 games. It’s not easy to produce those kind of numbers and that means Rosen will have his hands full trying to win this job. The one good thing Rosen does have going for him is his age. While Fitzpatrick is 36 years old and only has a handful of seasons left in the tank. Rosen is 22 and can easily play for over a decade. Obviously that could sway the coaching staff a little bit but ultimately they want to win games. With Tom Brady playing at 41 years old it’s possible that Fitzpatrick could have longer than we expect especially if he keeps performing at the level he’s been at recently. There’s also a subtle charisma about Fitzpatrick that makes his teammates want to follow him. You have to remember he went to Harvard and also scored a 48 on the Wonderlic test. When you also add in the life experience Fitzpatrick has he’s like genius who is also very wise. Processing coverages and blitz packages just comes easy for the savvy gunslinger. To be honest the Buccaneers made a foolish decision by not sticking with Fitzpatrick because he was clearly the hot hand. The Dolphins won’t make that same mistake if this guy is lighting it up and everyone wants to see if FitzMagic can pick up right where he left off?

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Ryan Fitzpatrick has stood out at Miami Dolphins OTAs.

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