Why Saban’s college football heroics trump his NFL letdowns:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Nick Saban is an outstanding football coach. Just last night he won his 4th National Championship for the Alabama Crimson Tide showing why is arguably one of the greatest coaches of all time. While Saban is riding the college football season success he has seen of recent. There was a time when he was the Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins and had a rather lackluster showing. Saban’s first year of 9-7 in Miami shows that with the right personnel and circumstances around him he could indeed win in the National Football league. Yes, you could say that for almost any football coach but Saban is different. He is an outstanding tactician of the game and he coaches the fundamentals to a T. Meaning his preparations are nearly perfect and every angle of the game plan is covered with his players. That formula along with a G.M who is capable of putting the right players in Saban’s system would of yielded big results from the coach if he would of stuck around longer at the pro level. Many critics out there want to throw out the fact that Saban failed at the NFL level but so did Pete Carroll during his first and second stint in the NFL. The thing that was really the biggest letdown for Saban in the NFL was his second season and a few roster moves that would plague his time in South Florida. The Dolphins elected to sign Daunte Culpepper over a then injured Drew Brees as the their starting quarterback. Culpepper would eventually be benched during that second year and we all know what happened with Drew Brees. Saban would of benefited greatly from Brees commanding his offense and he could of still been with the Dolphins right now had that been his choice. Everything happens for a reason though and in the end it all worked out for coach Saban when he headed to Tuscaloosa. His college football heroics certainly trump his NFL letdowns. However don’t write the coach off as being an incompetent pro coach. A 9-7 season is a year that coaches like Rod Marinelli dream of. So lets start being fair to Nick and giving his respect he deserves as a “football coach” regardless of what level he coaches at.

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