Saints Running Back Mark Ingram will be suspended the first four games of the regular season for performance enhancing drugs. Which will give Alvin Kamara a chance to start the season off strong:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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New Orleans Saints Running Back Mark Ingram will be sidelined at least for the first four games of the 2018 season. Ingram failed a drug test for performance enhancing drugs and that is a huge loss for the Saints offense. Ingram was the lead back in this offense and rushed for 1,124 yards and 12 touchdowns. Obviously thatā€™s going to be a huge loss for New Orleans but the goods news is this organization does have a sensational back up in Alvin Kamara. Now that Ingram is going to be out of the line for the first month or so Kamara has to step up and fill the void. The difference between both players is pretty clear. Ingram is more of a power back who does his best work running inside the tackles. Kamara on the other hand is more of a scatback and can make defenders miss with his speed. The good news is Drew Brees can operate out of the shotgun very well with Kamara as the full time tailback. Brees can look downfield and if nothing is open check down to Kamara who will usually be able to scrape together some decent yardage. So any play that utilizes Alvin Kamaraā€™s athleticismĀ is going to be in the Saints best interest the only question mark is how the second year running back is going to handle the additional workload? Taking more handoffs means Kamara will have to endure a lot more punishment which could burn him out towards the end of the year. Even though Ingram will eventually comeback this mightĀ end up being a serious problem for the Saints because if Kamara gets hurt Sean Payton’s offense will be in a lot of trouble. So really itā€™s going to come down to how well the former Tennessee alum (Kamara) can handle being the main option in the running game?

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