Sam Bradford is trying to push his way out of Philadelphia:

Photo credit: Rich Schultz

Author: Jon Kuzma

With news breaking out of Philadelphia that the Eagles have traded up in the 2016 Draft and plan to draft a quarterback. Current starting quarterback Sam Bradford has voiced his frustration with the Eagles plan and has stated that he would like to be traded from the team. Bradford who just received a 2 year $36 million dollar contract with the team on March 1st. Now seems to be completely unhappy with the organization and would like to continue his career elsewhere. While many people will be frustrated with Bradfordā€™s decision, in some ways you have to feel bad for the guy. He thought he found a home in Philadelphia, and a team that believed in his talents. Only to have that support pulled out from underneath him and now it appears the Eagles will draft either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff with the number 2 overall pick in the Draft. Bradford understands that with the team choosing one of those quarterbacks, his time at the helm in Philadelphia will be limited. The surprising move in all this is the fact that the Eagles also signed Chase Daniel this offseason, so most people thought the Eagles were set at the quarterback position for the upcoming season. Eagles brass clearly thought differently, and the Eagles believe having an elite level quarterback will bode well for their future. All of these moves by Philadelphia explain why Bradford only received a two year deal and while they paid him $22 million in guaranteed money. Itā€™s clear that the team doesnā€™t have a long term vision where Sam Bradford is the focal point. If Bradford does indeed get traded he will be on his 3rd professional team and find himself battling to prove his worth again. Itā€™s a tough situation for Bradford at the end of the day because now he must pick up all his belongings and move again. Then walk into a new locker room and try to win the starting quarterback job. The off the field factors make it difficult for Bradford and he will have to find another situation that fits well with his abilities. Maybe if the Broncos could pull a deal that would be a good location for Bradford, or even the Jets if they donā€™t want to wait around for a Fitzpatrick deal to materialize. Regardless of where he goes, it does seem like the end of Sam Bradfordā€™s time in Philadelphia.

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