The San Antonio Commanders defeated the San Diego Fleet 15-6 in front of a packed house at the Alamodome:

Photo credit: Edward A. Ornelas / AAF

Author: Jon Kuzma

Week one of the Alliance of America Football has arrived and it seemed like the San Antonio Commanders hit the ground running. At first the defense was taking care of business and they actually sacked Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici 6 times before the night was over. That included a devastating hit by Shaan Washington that sent Bercoviciā€™s helmet flying through the air. Ryan Moeller was also stellar for that group with 5 tackles and 1 interception. It just seemed like San Antonio played with energy from the get go and their home crowd was definitely charging them up. Mike Martzā€™s San Diego team was the completed opposite. Traveling from California to Texas is about 1,200 miles but it didnā€™t feel like the Fleet got off the plane. Martā€™s is an offensive minded guy but his team only managed to put up 6 points which came on a pair of field goals by Donny Hogeman. Logan Woodside was also able to show up Bercovici. Woodside threw for 255 yards compared to the 176 Bercovici had and even though neither quarterback threw for a touchdown. This was the first action these guys have seen in a long time and theyā€™ll all get better as they shake off the rust. Therefore you have to like what you seen from Woodside because he was throwing some deep ball strikes down the field. It takes a lot of throw power to complete those passes and thatā€™s a great sign for the Commanders. Then the final piece of the puzzle was the winning teamā€™s wide receivers. MeKale McKay appears to be a future star and could wind up in the NFL someday. McKay tallied 80 yards before the night was over and Alonzo Moore chipped in 78 yards too. Jaā€™Quan Gardner was the best player for San Diego with 55 rushing yards but no one else really stepped. Overall though you had to like what you saw because the league appeared to be very organized.

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The San Antonio Commanders had a packed house full of fans and the home crowd rooted their team on to 15-6 victory.

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