San Diego Chargers are wrong for how they handled Eric Weddle:

Photo credit: Sean M. Haffey

Author: Jon Kuzma

Eric Weddle has been a solid player for the San Diego Chargers for the last 9 seasons. After being a stand out player at the university of Utah. Weddle was then drafted in the second round by the Chargers. Weddle immediately had an impact. He recorded over a 100 tackles in 3 different seasons during his career. Also recording 19 career interceptions for San Diego’s defense. Weddle is player who has “paid his dues” with the San Diego Chargers and you would expect his employer to treat him accordingly. That hasn’t been the case however in San Diego. The Chargers have done a number of things that are borderline unethical regarding Weddle. These actions include fining Weddle for staying out for halftime to watch his daughter perform as a cheerleader during a Chargers game. Denying Weddle a seat aboard the team’s plane during a game to Denver. Finally the Charges placed Weddle on injured reserve even though Weddle claimed his groin injury wasn’t that serious. Imagine if your employer was taking action against you and doing everything in their power to make it impossible for you to do your job. That is exactly what the Chargers have been doing to Eric Weddle. Well finally Weddle had enough. The Chargers safety ran sprints Thursday in front of the media to show that he was unfairly placed on injured reserve. Quarterback Rivers said “I hate it that he’s not going to be out there for his last one and finish this season with all of us.” Showing that the team’s starting quarterback understands the significance of Weddle’s impact and also showing his concern with how the team has handled the issue. There has been a lot of changes going on for this franchise and if they want to keep fan support from waining they better do a better job of taking care of their people. Weddle’s contributions to this organization when the team never gave any returns back to the public can’t be undervalued. Weddle was there even when the Chargers put a bad product on the field. He deserved better. The Chargers should be ashamed for not giving him that.

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