The San Francisco 49ers have cleared Jimmy Garoppolo for training camp and now he’s hoping to resurrect his career:

Photo credit: Icon Sportswire Author: Jon Kuzma

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It’s amazing how much of a difference one year can make. In 2017 Jimmy Garoppolo rattled off five straight wins after joining the 49ers and then signed a $137M contract.
Everything was going great for the rising star but then things started to crumble. Garoppolo went on a date with an adult film actress and then ended up tearing his ACL during the following season. What makes matters even worse for the 27 year old quarterback is San Francisco has a contractual out in 2020 and that means Garoppolo is on thin ice if he doesn’t perform well this year. The good news is the team’s medical staff has cleared Garoppolo and now he’ll have a chance to turn his career around. With all of the help there is around this guy there’s no excuses if he doesn’t perform well. The defense and wide receivers have been upgraded and Garoppolo can’t be a weak link that holds this group back. When he’s at his best Garoppolo is usually throwing the ball over the middle. Slants, drags, and crossing routes are where this guy earns his paycheck. Marquise Goodwin and George Kittle will help him execute Kyle Shanahan’s game plan and then there’s the addition of Deebo Samuel. If Samuel and Garoppolo sync up right away then there’s no limit on what this team can accomplish. They should be close to getting into the playoffs and anything can happen from there. However none of that is possible if Garoppolo doesn’t play well.

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Jimmy Garoppolo will be a full go at 49ers training camp and now he’ll try to ressurect his career.

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