The San Francisco 49ers didn’t want to let Robbie Gould go and that’s why they franchise tagged their superstar kicker:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


Robbie Gould had a great 2018 season and he actually made 33 out of his 34 field goal attempts. With 97.1% accuracy it was a no brainer that the 49ers should retain Gould and that’s why they chose to franchise tag their elite placekicker. Essentially that means Gould will make $5M dollars in 2019 and only Justin Tucker will make more. This is a smart move for John Lynch because the last thing you want to deal with is an inconsistent kicker who is missing field goals and extra points. You always take those plays for granted until you actually have someone who can’t get the job done. San Francisco didn’t want to risk going that route and Gould ensures stability at the position. With Jimmy Garoppolo coming back the team is hoping to score a lot next fall. A lot of times you need someone like Gould to tack on three points and get some returns out of a drive. The 49ers know their special teams were better than most because Robbie Gould was nearly perfect. You’ll always hear coaches say that special teams are a third of the game and Lynch echoed that philosophy by giving Gould the tag and paying top dollar to one of his top performers. Now to be honest Robbie Gould would’ve probably preferred a long term deal but at 36 years old the Niners have to keep a close eye on his age and that’s why they went with the short duration contract (one year). In the future it’ll be exciting to keep an eye on Gould and see whether or not he can maintain this output? Each time he puts up these big numbers it extends his career. So Gould could be around for a while if he keeps making kicks.

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There’s no doubt that Robbie Anderson is a superstar kicker and that’s why the 49ers franchise tagged him.

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