Should the Dolphins make another run at Sean Payton and Tom Brady?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Outkick recently reported that the Dolphins might part ways with Mike McDaniel. That does seem like a quick turn of events. But then again the Dolphins have a bigger plan in mind. They want to make another run at Sean Payton and Tom Brady. The Dolphins wanted to make that happen this past off-season. So that could be their goal again in the future. Most of the Dolphins fan base likes what McDaniel has done. Then again it’s hard to believe this team will be better off with McDaniel than with Payton / Brady. Stephen Ross wants to win. He doesn’t want to wait around for things to get better. Which is why he plans to go after the best coach available. It’s also why he wants to go after the best quarterback too. Ross thinks the Dolphins can’t go wrong with those two guys. It’s hard to disagree with him. The Dolphins would be a different team with Payton and Brady.

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