Selecting Trey Lance would be too good to be true for the Broncos:

Author: Jon Kuzma

Imagine if Vince Young would’ve fulfilled his potential in the NFL. That’s who Trey Lance could be at the next level. And if that’s the case the Broncos can’t pass on the Lance in the draft. If you go down the list it seems like he does everything well. The way Lance throws the ball almost reminds you of Russell Wilson. Whether it’s his mechanics, the way he evades the pressure, or his perfect spirals downfield. It’s all smooth for Lance. Then there’s his ability to run through defenders just like Young used to do. When you put all of those tools together. The picture of Lance starts to get painted and it appears to be a masterpiece. There’s no way the Broncos can pass on guy with Wilson’s ability and Young’s athleticism in April. That wouldn’t be a smart football decision. 

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