Shaquem Griffin didn’t skip a beat in his first NFL preseason game. Griffin was fearless and played exactly how he did at the University of Central Florida:

Photo credit: Otto Gruele Jr.

Author: Jon Kuzma

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If anyone was wondering whether or not Shaquem Griffin can be a serviceable player in the National Football League it feels like we got our answer. Griffin was tough as nails in the Seahawks 17-19 loss to the Colts. While that defeat was unfortunate for the team Griffin has to be upbeat about his own personal performance. Even though it was his first game as a pro Griffin recorded 9 tackles and 1 TFL. It wasn’t just the fact that the former Golden Knight put up big numbers. Really it was how Shaquem Griffin was able to go about doing that. Not only did the linebacker play extremely confident, his instincts were incredibly sharp as well. On one particular snap Griffin was lined up inside (linebacker) and shot through the ā€œa gapā€ only to blow the play up in the backfield. The running back never stood a chance and everyone kind of looked around like ā€œhey this Griffin guy is the real deal.ā€ Clearly only having one hand holds Griffin back a little bit but make no mistake about it this kid is a pure football player. His skills are so far beyond his limitations that Seattle would be foolish to cut him from the team. If weā€™re one game in and Shaquem Griffin is already able to dominate like this imagine how good heā€™ll be after he gains more experience? Not only is Griffin a bright talent but he is also an inspiration to everyone around him. Watching someone overcome adversity like Griffin does truly showcases what determination and hard work can do. Pete Caroll is a coach who puts a lot of stock into culture and that’s a good sign for Griffin. Itā€™s going to be exciting to watch the rookie the next three preseason games but it seems like he will indeed make the 53 man roster once the time comes. This absolutely amazing story just keeps getting better and better.

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Shaquem Griffin didn’t skip a beat in his first game and it looks like the rookie has a bright future.

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