In a shocking twist the Washington Redskins list Colt McCoy as the number 1 quarterback on their depth chart:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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All off-season thereā€™s been speculation about whether or not Case Keenum or Dwayne Haskins would win the Redskins starting quarterback job? It appears that head coach Jay Gruden has other plans and now heā€™s chosen Colt McCoy to be the teamā€™s ace.

McCoy has been in Grudenā€™s system for the past four years and clearly thereā€™s a high level of trust between those two. From a terminology or game plan standpoint McCoy knows exactly what Washington expects of him but heā€™s dealing with some challenges of his own. Last year the veteran signal caller fractured his fibula so his leg has to prove it can hold up throughout the season. You also have to keep in mind that Colt McCoy loves to scramble. Itā€™s hard to do that if his health isnā€™t 100% but clearly heā€™s shown something at training camp. Although it must be noted that itā€™s easier to look good in practice when the speed isnā€™t the same as in the games. All it takes is one big shot and McCoyā€™s leg could have a setback. Reports out of Washington have also made it clear that the offensive line has been awful. No matter whoā€™s under center thereā€™s not going to be much time in the pocket. We could actually see the end of Grudenā€™s reign with this franchise because it doesnā€™t look like this roster is talented enough to put together a winning season. Donā€™t be surprised if everything unravels at one point or another.

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Colt McCoy is the number 1 quarterback on the Washington Redskins depth chart.

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