Should the Bears trade up in the draft. For one of the better quarterbacks?

Author: Jon Kuzma

The draft is almost here. And every year we see a team. That goes after it. Back in 2018. It was the Chiefs. When they traded up to get Patrick Mahomes. This past year Green Bay traded up. To land Jordan Love. Who will take over the Packers when Aaron Rodgers retires. So we have to ask ourselves. If the Bears should follow suit? And move up to the fourth spot. In hopes of landing a franchise QB. The Falcons have already put it out there. They’re open to trading down. Which means the Bears could make them an offer. And you know someone will be available at that spot. Whether it’s Justin Fields, Trey Lance, or Mac Jones. The risk is Chicago doesn’t know who will fall to them at four. Not to mention it would cost a lot to make that deal happen. But for a team that has to figure out their long term future. At the quarterback position. It’s a decision that has to be weighed.

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