Should the Chiefs be worried that Patrick Mahomes is still in a walking boot?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Is it time to sound the alarm? Patrick Mahomes is still in a walking boot. And it’s been two months. Since he’s went under the knife. It certainly feels like Mahomes. Should be further along. In his rehab. The last thing you want to see. Is him falling too far behind. To the point that he starts missing workouts. Because we know how fast. The game can surpass a player. If they don’t prepare well. Mahomes would still be able to contribute. But he wouldn’t be the Patrick Mahomes that we’ve always known him to be. If he’s battling a lingering injury. Or if he can’t get in a rhythm. With the guys that are around him in Kansas City. There’s still time. For him to heal up and bounce back. But it’s definitely something. That we have to keep our eye on. This whole thing could turn into a disaster. If Mahomes‘ foot doesn’t hold up. The Chiefs aren’t the same team without him.

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