Should Larry Fitzgerald just follow Aaron Rodgers wherever he goes?

Author: Jon Kuzma

Larry Fitzgerald is a free agent. Which means he can sign with any team he wants. So wherever Aaron Rodgers goes. Fitzgerald could be right behind him. And when those two were spotted together at The Match. You know the idea of those two playing together. Had to be discussed. In fact Fitzgerald and Rodgers were all smiles at that celebrity golf event. Almost if they were telling the world to read between the lines. Maybe that will be in Green Bay this year. Or it could be out in Denver. It just seems like a good business decision for both sides. Why not team up and really do some damage? Whether it’s in Green Bay or Denver. It doesn’t matter. Either way it would get the team closer to the Super Bowl. This is a match made in heaven. And both Fitzgerald and Rodgers have to know that.

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