With the AAF starting up and the XFL following suit. It’ll be interesting to see if Colin Kaepernick steps up and proves he can still play:

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Author: Jon Kuzma


This shouldn’t be about anything but football. Whether you’re for or against kneeling during the National Anthem it doesn’t matter Colin Kaepernick should join the AAF or XFL and prove to the world how much of an impact he can make on the field. There’s no doubt the NFL has unfairly destroyed Kaepernick’s career and it’s obvious because there’s so many worse quarterbacks in the league. Which makes this an opportunity of a lifetime for Kapernick because this is his shining moment. He can win his collusion case against the NFL in the court of public opinion by lighting up one of these upstart organizations. Can you imagine how much the former San Francisco 49er would be hailed if he was able to do that? Really it shouldn’t be that hard considering Kaepernick threw for 16 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in his last season (2016). Obviously there will be a little bit of rust but everything should improve over time. Think about all of the players who’ve been banned from the NFL who never had another option on the table. Yea the CFL has always been around but they limit the amount of American players on their team’s rosters. It’s not like it’s just one alternate league either there’s literally going to be more football than ever. Kaepernick will have to find a place to fit in and that should probably be in the Alliance of American Football because they’re hitting the field this year. If Kaepernick did go that route he’d have to play for the Arizona Hotshots because that’s the affiliate of the University of Nevada (Kaepernick’s college). So you can predict that’s where he’ll wind up if Colin Kaepernick does choose to give it a chance. Right now Trevor Knight is expected to be the Hotshots starting quarterback so that’s who Kaepernick has to beat out. It doesn’t get any more simple than that he just has to take what’s rightfully his.

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It’s time Colin Kaepernick steps up and proves he can be an effective quarterback in the AAF or XFL.

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