The sky is falling for the Kansas City Chiefs after losing 4 straight games:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Kansas City Chiefs were one of the hottest teams in football at the beginning of the season but now Andy Reid’s ball club can’t even win a game. The Chiefs got knocked off by the Jets this past weekend 38-31 and the blame has to fall on the defense. 31 points is more than enough points to win a football game but not if your defense can’t get the stops it needs down the stretch. Clearly Kansas City’s defense couldn’t do that and it’s a shame because offensively they really stepped up. Alex Smith was amazing against New York with 366 passing yards, 4 touchdowns and no interceptions believe it or not that was the best performance by any quarterback in week 13. Tyreek Hill was also more productive than any other receiver with 185 yards and 2 touchdowns so if the Chiefs can’t win with this high octane offense it really has to make you worry. It’s very hard to score 31 points in a contest, most football games end up in the 20s. Reid’s team will likely score less than 30 points in more than a few of their following four games so if this defense doesn’t make significant upgrades soon things are going to become disastrous. A catastrophic collapse which could entail losing the division and missing out on the playoffs won’t sit well this franchise. However there’s only so much this team can do right now to adjust their roster. The trade deadline has passed and there isn’t any free agents that are going to come in and immediately uplift this 30th ranked defense. Kansas City already tried to bring in Darrelle Revis to improve their secondary and halfway through the Jets game Revis was standing on the sidelines watching the action on the field unfold. Things just aren’t working out too well for the Chiefs Kingdom at the moment and it’s definitely concerning to see a team with so much promise completely unravel.

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